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Wing Chun Nelly

Wing Chun Nelly – Martial Arts Practitioner & Social Media Influencer

Chanel Marles, also known as Wing Chun Nelly, is a martial arts practitioner and rapidly growing social media influencer based in Essex. Having various viral posts, this young lady has come a long way exposing her passion and skill in a very short space of time through her Instagram account. We have gathered she has become a rising star within the martial arts community in the UK and feel this is just the beginner for her!

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For those who don’t know, Wing Chun is a form of self defence and impressively the only one to ever be developed by a woman. This makes Wing Chun one of the best arts for woman to learn, for various reasons. Unfortunately we live in dangerous times and woman are increasingly feeling more vulnerable and victimized in day to day life, which is sad and unfair. But learning a form of self defence is a fantastic way to regain control and confidence!

Like Wing Chun Nelly, lets help encourage and empower other woman through martial arts practice- after all it could safe your life.

Click here for more information about the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Nightlife In London

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If you plan on painting the town red during your visit to London, you will want to know the best areas to visit. The thing you want to do is wing it and end up in a place that’s unsuitable or too pricey. The list below gives you the most popular nightlife spots and what they have to offer.


If you know anything about London nightlife, you will have heard of Soho! Located in the centre of the city, Soho is the hub of London nightlife. There is something for everyone in this area, so whether you want a loud club night or a quirky place to have some friendly drinks, head to Soho.

Soho has some outlandish disco venues such as Club 49, Freedom Bar, and Barrio Bar, but equally, it has some chilled out venues too; ain’t Nothin’ and Garlic&Shots are two of the most notable ones. While prices tend to be on the high side, it’s worth a night out no and again. 


Camden is the place to be if you live the alternative scene. Here, you will find plenty of rock bars packed with hipsters and rock fans; you will also find some famous locations where stars such as Amy Winehouse first appeared on the scene. Find plenty of other notable musicians as well.

Although Camden has some clubs, it is not generally known for its club scene; instead, you can enjoy late-night cocktails, real ales, and plenty of rock music to keep your head banging into the early hours of the morning. So if you love rock and alternative scenes, Camden is the place! 


Shoreditch might have a reputation these days as the hub of hipster sensibilities, but its reputation as an edgy borderland goes back to the 16th Century when William Shakespeare – a local to Shorditch – put on some of his first and most famous plays at the local theatres there.

Of course, you can still catch a play or two in this hip area of the city, but you might be more interested in what the nightlife has to offer. In this regard, you won’t be disappointed either; Shoreditch has a wide array of cocktail bars, hipster discos, and underground dance nights.


There are two types of people in the world, those that love the grimy nightlife and those that prefer something more upmarket. If you’re the drink and dine sort, or if you simply prefer a change in gears, then visit the route between Kensington and Putney Bridge for its nightlife.

This area of West London is well-known for its drink and dine venues; there is the famous Raffles Club, for instance, The White Horse, or Maggie’s Club in Chelsea. Needless to say, these venues don’t come cheap, so be prepared to pay higher prices and taxi cab fares. 


Greenwich is a cool and quirky place to visit for a night out, this area of the city is best known for its maritime history, and it can seem a little dull at first; however, beneath the surface, you will find an area filled with craft beer bars and club venues that are perfect for a night out in London.

London’s most iconic landmarks

London. The Big Smoke. One of the most iconic cities in the world. London is universally revered as one of the greatest and most exciting cities on the planet, and there are so many amazing ways of being able to experience this thrilling and unique city in style. The best way of being able to experience all that London has to offer is to check out the city’s most iconic landmarks.

There are so many amazing things to discover in London, and this is something that you should be looking to make the most of. There are so many amazing ideas that will help you when it comes to improving your London experience, and being able to enjoy some of the city’s most incredible landmarks is so important. These are some of the most iconic landmarks in London that you should be enjoying right now.

Big Ben


Famed around the world, this iconic clock, and the bell that gives it its name, is one of the most recognisable landmarks in England’s capital. Designed in 1859 by architect Augustus Pugin, this new-Gothic masterpiece was actually voted as the UK’s favorite landmark in 2008. It’s one of the must-see London landmarks, and somewhere you definitely need to make sure you visit. There are ample photo opportunities, and this majestic clock is an excellent tourist attraction to check out. 

The London Eye


Officially opened as a temporary London attraction to celebrate the turn of the Millennium, the London Eye has evolved into one of the city’s best and most iconic landmarks. Illuminated at night, and offering an excellent and breathtaking view of the city, this is an attraction that can really cap off your amazing experience of London. The spacious capsules allow for optimal photo opportunities, and a great way of spending 30 minutes in the city.

Westminster Abbey


With a history dating back centuries, this Gothic abbey is one of London’s most handsome and breathtaking landmarks. It marks the resting place of some of the most iconic and influential British monarchs, as well as literary heavyweights such as Charles Dickens. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Westminster Abbey should be on everyone’s must-visit list.

Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace has been the official home of the British monarchy since 1837, and it remains as imposing and breathtaking as you might imagine. Based in Westminster, the Palace can be accessed through the Victoria or Green Park tube lines, and this iconic landmark remains one of London’s top tourist attractions. There is plenty to see and do here, and this is one of the best and most important places to visit whilst you’re here. These are just a few of the best London landmarks that you should be looking to make the most of. This is something that plays a massive part in this process, and can help to enhance your enjoyment of this amazing city. Try to make the most of these stunning landmarks, and explore these incredible and iconic London attractions.

London’s Best Shopping Hotspots

If you are looking for somewhere to go shopping, London is one of the very first places you should consider. Regardless of where you might be coming from, you will be bound to find exactly what you are looking for here, and there are just so many incredible shopping hotspots that you might want to check out in the capital. Let’s take a look at some of the best that you might want to consider looking into, regardless of what you are going shopping for. These hubs are going to give you what you need.

Oxford Street

If you ask the average person on the street about shopping areas in London, the first that most will come up with is Oxford Street, and this is with very good reason. This is a famous, historic shopping area, and one that is still very much alive and kicking today. Home to over 300 shops and designer outlets, there is no way you won’t find whatever you are looking for here. Whether you want to check out the famous Selfridges or even more moden options like Lush and Primark, it’s all here – and for all price ranges.

Regent Street

Only a short distance away from Oxford Street is Regent Street, another important and powerful shopping hub that you should definitely consider if you are looking for somewhere to stock up on designer goods and more. This is one of the most elegant parts of London, so you will certainly enjoy being able to stroll through its hallowed corridors while you check out world-class stores such as Hamleys, Liberty London and The Apple Store. There is also Anthropologie for a little boho-chic vibe, should that be your thing.


Perhaps you are looking for an area that is somewhat more affordable than Oxford and Regent Street, however. If so, Westfield is a shopping centre that is designed to cater to all kinds of price ranges, and you are bound to find pretty much whatever you might be looking for right here. You can easily spend an entire day getting lost here, and it is more or less the ideal spot if you are going shopping for birthdays or Christmas. All the high-street favourites are here, as well as some more upmarket options, so it’s certainly one you will want to check out.


Carnaby Street – another world-famous area, and another amazing spot to go shopping for whatever you are in need of. Here you will find a beautiful mixture of independent boutiques as well as heritage brands and some of the more up and coming designer names. Plus, there are around 60 pubs and restaurants, so plenty of options once you want to stop for a bite to eat in the middle of your shopping extravaganza. A must-visit spot.

These are definitely some of the top areas to go shopping in London, so you might want to check these out in turn if you are looking for somewhere to spend a day shopping soon.

Best Bars In London

If you are looking to have a great night out in London, you won’t be short of bars to enjoy! From cocktail bars to traditional British pubs, there is something for everyone. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best bars in London that are definitely worth paying a visit to.

  • Apples & Pears – There is only one place to begin, and this is with Apples & Pears, which provides innovative and tasty cocktails in a truly energetic setting. Plus, the eclectic music that is on offer means that there is a great environment.
  • Fight Club – Not only can you have drinks and good food here, but you can also play a game of darts too. Unlike a traditional pub that will typically only have one or two darts boards, this pub has a dartboard per table.
  • Oriole – This bar is one-of-a-kind, providing an oasis of magic and mystery that transports you to a disconnected outside world. Featuring a global design and exotic influence, this is a truly vibrant and stylish place to enjoy a drink with friends. Expect a delicious menu, live jazz music, and a cocktail menu that features some of the most exotic ingredients.
  • Bounce – Next, we have Bounce, which combines some delicious cocktails with playful ping-pong fun! We love these bars that give you the ability to have some fun while drinking with your friends. It is always good to do something different, right?
  • Homeboy – Although Homeboy is situated in Islington, it brings a slice of Ireland to England. If you are a bit fan of Guinness or you want to try some conventional Irish bites, you will be in for a treat here. Plus, as you would expect, the whiskey on offer is great as well.
  • The Last Tuesday Society – if you are looking for a bar that will give you a great night out and some fun Instagram shots in the process, you won’t be disappointed here. Situated in the heart of Hackney, this is a cocktail bar for anyone who loves the weird and the wonderful. Curious concoctions are teamed with taxidermy and plush decor.
  • Laki Kane – If you are a rum lover, this is the spot for you. Situated on Upper Street, you feel like you’re in a much warmer climate once you are inside. The bartenders are energetic and the interior is stunning. Expect a great rum menu with some tasty pan-Asian bites.
  • Purl – Last but not least, we have Purl, which takes experimental cocktails to new heights. This is an underground hotspot, which has a piano and cosy alcoves, helping to transport you to a time gone by. Not only is the setting incredible but the cocktails are some of the best that you will find in London. Expect some unique concoctions.

So there you have it: some of the best bars in London. If you want to enjoy a lively and fun night out, you won’t be disappointed when going to one of the bars mentioned above.

10 Best Restaurants To Try

There is no doubt at all that London is one of the very best cities in the world when it comes to eating out. Whether you are looking for fine dining, street food or something in between, there is something for everyone – and every major world cuisine is represented strongly in this metropolitan global hub. So which are the best restaurants you should try out in England’s capital? Here are the ten you should try as soon as possible.

1.  Giannino Mayfair

If you are looking for some world-class fine dining, you can’t do much better than Giannino Mayfair. Situated in one of London’s fanciest areas, this restaurant specialises in delicious Italian and Mediterranean food. They are especially known for a great wine list and outstanding service.

2.  Pane Cunzato

Perhaps you love Italian, but you just want to find a decent pizzeria instead. If so, you will certainly want to think about giving Pane Cunzato a go in West London. This eatery offers some of the most delicious pizzas in the capital in a relaxed and friendly vibe, so that is definitely something you might want to check out.

3.  Seven Park Place

Renowned chef William Drabble has opened up this special space in St. James’ Hotel, complete with local cuisine and European options. Given how up-market the food is, the prices are surprisingly affordable, so this is an option for everyone.

4.  Bonoo

How does Indian tapas sound? Bonoo offers some of the most delicious Indian food anywhere in the country, in a tapas-style for a chilled out vibe. It is affordable and with a great selection of drinks, and many decent vegetarian and vegan options too.

5.  Hibox

Hibox has been growing in popularity in recent years, and with good reason – the food is delicious and it’s a great hipster hangout too. If you are a vegan or you just want your veggie fill, this is probably the number one choice in London.

6.  Scarlett Green

Check out Scarlett Green for an amazing bottomless brunch, and in a very cool atmosphere that you are going to love. And if you are looking for a quick boozy lunch, then this could be the perfect choice of all the places to eat out in London.

7.  Nora Cafe

Despite being a cafe, Nora is actually also one of the best places to eat in London. They are especially famed for their delicious and heavenly pancakes of all varieties and styles, so check those out.

8.  Bayleaf

Bayleaf has practically become a watchword in amazing Indian food, and you will always leave fully satisfied every time, with a full belly for a great price. Truly traditional cuisine served perfectly.

9.  Amrutha Lounge

This list would be amiss without a Thai place, so check out the Amrutha Lounge too if that is the cuisine for you. You’ll be amazed at some of the delicious meals here, and the great prices too.

10.  Andy’s Greek Taverna

Finally, for some of the best Greek food this side of Athens, Andy in Camden has got you covered. This food is relaxed and easygoing, but traditional and delicious too.

5 Of londons most exciting yearly events

5 Of Londons Most Exciting Yearly Events

Nobody needs a reason to visit London; there’s so much to do and see at any time of the year; that said, if you want to attend one of the cities festivals or celebrations, it’s an excellent chance to combine a visit with a memorable excursion. Here are five of the best yearly event in London.

New Year Celebrations

The end of the year is a chance to reflect on time passed and make plans for the future, no wonder people make such a big deal out of it in London. The new year celebrations in London are world-famous, chances are you have seen them broadcast around the world on television.

Visiting London at this time of year might be busy, but it’s also rewarding. The fireworks at new year are spectacular and light up the city with an explosion of colour. Don’t worry about the crowds; if you’re in the city you only have to look into the sky to see the lights and hear the bells.

Christmas in London

We are all family with the Victorian London depicted by Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol. It’s a London that emphasises class difference and romanticises the Christmas spirit (or spirits) of gifting at this time of year. Nowadays, the city is more modern, but it’s no less magical.

If you visit London at Christmas, you will see spectacular illumination, tall Christmas trees, and Christmas markets selling handcrafted gifts unique to sellers from around the world. Christmas happens every year in the city, and you can enjoy the view of the light from the London Eye.    

The London Marathon

The London Marathon is another notable event that happens in the city every year. The London marathon began in 1981 and has operated continuously since then. This marathon attracts amateur and professional runners as well as a host of charity runners out to raise some cash.

Whether you love running or not, the London Marathon is an annual event that’ fun to attend. If you’re the long-distance type, then you will want to put on your trainers and give it a go, but you don’t have to run to enjoy the event. There are plenty of stalls and events going on at this time. 

The London Book Fair

The London Book Fair began life in 1971 as a publisher’s fair for librarians, but it has since grown into a global hub for publishers and book enthusiasts. If you have a love for the written word and you want to dive into a world of books, authors, and publishers, it’s worth a visit.

The London Book Fair happens every year in the spring months, and each year it focuses on a different publishing region. One year it might be South Africa, for instance, while another year, it might be the Arab World. Either way, you will find a central celebration of creativity and writing. 

The London Film Festival

The London Film festival is an event of global proportions that happen in the city every year. The film festival dates back to 1953 and brings together the films and cultures of around fifty countries. So if you’re a film enthusiast, this event is worth visiting for an epic London trip.

5 Of Londons best galleries

5 Of London’s Best Galleries

If you’re a culture vulture, then visit London; not only can you visit some interesting historical sites, but you can explore the culture of the period by taking in some of the notable artworks. But there is something for everyone in London’s art galleries, including innovative modern art.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is not a galley you are likely to miss when you visit London; firstly, it is situated in the centre of the city on the banks of the Thames. But another reason it stands out is due to the building’s former usage – the Tate Modern was a power station at one time in the past.

The Tate Modern is the hub of modern and contemporary art, so if you love the contemporaries, impressionists, or modernists, then you will appreciate a day out at the Tate Modern. Over the years, the Tate Modern has hosted exhibitions from Gauguin and Kandinski to Damian Hirst.

Head to the Tate Modern if you love contemporary art, but if you prefer the classics, then the National Gallery is a more suitable option. The National Gallery contains iconic paintings from classic artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh – the painting are originals. 

Along with painting and artwork by classic artists from around the world, the National Gallery also has one of the largest painting collections in the world. There’s no doubt that the National Gallery is one of the best galleries in London and possible one of the best collections globally.

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts was founded in 1768 by a collection of artists and architects who wanted to create a space for artistic learning, understanding and appreciation. In line with the original vision of the movement, the RA is free to enter unless there is a special exhibition on.

Although the RA is one of the best galleries to see touring collections, there is also a permanent collection that you can visit any time for free. This collection spans a period of 250 years and includes some notable works of art. But lookout for the Summer Exhibition and various tours. 

Tate Britain

Perhaps one of the most famous and well-stocked galleries in the world, the Tate Britain is worth a visit if you want to see the best examples of British art through the ages. Beginning with art from the 1500s, the Tate Britain collection contains works by JMW Turner and Francis Bacon.

The Tate Britain Gallery is primarily interested in British art and promoting British art internationally, so if this focus is something that you find inspiring, the Tate Britain Gallery is worth your time. It’s free to enter the gallery unless there is a special exhibition on display.   

The Hayward Gallery is not the first one you think of when you are deciding on a London Gallery to visit, but it’s well worth a look. The Hayward Gallery is known for its exciting and innovative displays and has exhibited some of the world’s best known modern artists, such as Tracy Emin.

5 ideas for a day out in london

5 Ideas For A Day Out In London

Looking for ideas for a day out in London? You’ve come to the right place. There’s no need to rack your brains for event ideas; we’ve done the hard work for you – not that it was very hard. Truth be told, London is choc-a-bloc with things to do and see, but don’t miss our top five. 

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historical and iconic building in the City of London. The Tower of London is a castle that was built in the 11th Century as part of the Norman Conquest. It was used as a prison by the ruling elite for many centuries; it has had many other uses as well.

If you visit the City of London, you don’t want to miss a trip to the Tower of London. The Cty of London is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world, and the Tower of London is an excellent place to start exploring that history and clue you into some other London sites.

Tower Bridge

The 19th Century saw a significant industrial expansion in the City of London, and Tower Bridge was built to link the city to the East End. Tower Bridge was built between 1886 and 1894; it’s one of the most iconic structures in London and is well worth a visit when you go for a day out. 

If you are going for a day out in London Tower Bridge is an excellent place to start. Take a walk on the bridge and enjoy an overview of the city in the early morning. The bridge also has a lot of history and will transport you to the Victorian era and put you in the frame of mind for a top trip.

Churchhill War Rooms

During the 1930 and 1940s, London was the nerve centre of operations for the war against Nazi Germany. The leader of the allies was Winston Churchhill, who spent much time in the Cabinet War Rooms making key tactical and political decisions – you can visit the rooms as they were.

If you have some interest in the Second World War and the influence it had on the world of today, then take some time on your day out to visit Churchhill’s War Rooms. Although the museum requires some paid entry, you can easily spend a few hours here and learn a lot.

If you love art, then London is the perfect place for you. Head to the Tate Modern if you love modern art and British art, and if you love something more classical, then head to the National Gallery. The National Gallery contains art dating from the 13th Century up to the 1900s.

In the National Gallery, you will see some of the most famous artworks in the world, including original Leonardo Da Vinci paintings and original paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. The National Gallery has one of the largest painting collections in the world, something you shouldn’t miss. 

Westminster Abbey

History enthusiasts will love Westminster Abbey! This original gothic cathedral is thought to have been built in the 11th Century and is the place where Kings and Queens are crowned and buried. Enjoy the classical architecture and visit the graves of many notable historical figures. 

What Makes London Special

What Makes London Special?

There is no doubt that London has something special to offer – but what is it? There are over 19 million visitors to London every year, so what is it? We will look at some of the sights, attractions, activities, and sounds of London and why you should consider visiting it next time you’re looking for a day out.

There Are Many Hot Spots

Firstly, let’s look at some of the places people like to visit and maybe throw in a few hidden gems as well. Tourists and locals alike cannot get bored in London, as it has so many attractions. We will recommend a place near Waterloo station called the South Bank. Aside from the London Eye, an incredible Ferris wheel that offers unmatched views of London, this part of town has so much more to offer.

The London Aquarium can be found to the left of the Eye, and the Oxo Tower and street performers can be found to the right. If you want to soak in a bit of the latter British talent, head to Covent Garden where performances are on display throughout the marketplace.

You can also get a good sense of the London skyline by starting at the South Bank, which is convenient to some of the main features. It is just across the river from here that you can walk to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, and a slightly longer walk to Buckingham Palace. These are just a few of London’s hot spots that are easily accessible from this area of the city. London has the benefit of being able to use the tube network, but you rarely have to.

The Wonderful World Of Theatre

London isn’t complete without a trip to the West End. The theatre scene in London has been a major attraction for centuries, hosting musicals such as The Lion King and Wicked. Even if you don’t like live performances, you should catch one of the many London theatre performances.

Seeing a play or musical in one of these buildings is a real pleasure because of the history they contain. Shakespeare’s Globe is home to modern plays and Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

Famous Sports

In addition, London always hosts some kind of sporting event. In the capital, you cannot move without seeing Premier League merchandise. The O2 hosted the ATP finals in November 2020 that featured the world’s top eight tennis players. Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge and Fulham’s Craven Cottage will be in southwest London, while Arsenal’s Emirates is located in the north.

In addition to the Olympic Park, which is occupied by West Ham United, there are three other national stadiums near the centre of London. Out of the capital, there is also Twickenham, where England Rugby is based, and Wembley, which hosts the nation’s biggest sporting events. Cricket fans should head to Vauxhall – one stop after Waterloo – to visit the Oval and St John’s Wood in central London to see Lords, the home of cricket. Hopefully, this guide has given a good idea of what makes London special and why so many people choose to visit for a great day out filled with activities and attractions time and time again.