If you’re a culture vulture, then visit London; not only can you visit some interesting historical sites, but you can explore the culture of the period by taking in some of the notable artworks. But there is something for everyone in London’s art galleries, including innovative modern art.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is not a galley you are likely to miss when you visit London; firstly, it is situated in the centre of the city on the banks of the Thames. But another reason it stands out is due to the building’s former usage – the Tate Modern was a power station at one time in the past.

The Tate Modern is the hub of modern and contemporary art, so if you love the contemporaries, impressionists, or modernists, then you will appreciate a day out at the Tate Modern. Over the years, the Tate Modern has hosted exhibitions from Gauguin and Kandinski to Damian Hirst.

Head to the Tate Modern if you love contemporary art, but if you prefer the classics, then the National Gallery is a more suitable option. The National Gallery contains iconic paintings from classic artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh – the painting are originals. 

Along with painting and artwork by classic artists from around the world, the National Gallery also has one of the largest painting collections in the world. There’s no doubt that the National Gallery is one of the best galleries in London and possible one of the best collections globally.

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts was founded in 1768 by a collection of artists and architects who wanted to create a space for artistic learning, understanding and appreciation. In line with the original vision of the movement, the RA is free to enter unless there is a special exhibition on.

Although the RA is one of the best galleries to see touring collections, there is also a permanent collection that you can visit any time for free. This collection spans a period of 250 years and includes some notable works of art. But lookout for the Summer Exhibition and various tours. 

Tate Britain

Perhaps one of the most famous and well-stocked galleries in the world, the Tate Britain is worth a visit if you want to see the best examples of British art through the ages. Beginning with art from the 1500s, the Tate Britain collection contains works by JMW Turner and Francis Bacon.

The Tate Britain Gallery is primarily interested in British art and promoting British art internationally, so if this focus is something that you find inspiring, the Tate Britain Gallery is worth your time. It’s free to enter the gallery unless there is a special exhibition on display.   

The Hayward Gallery is not the first one you think of when you are deciding on a London Gallery to visit, but it’s well worth a look. The Hayward Gallery is known for its exciting and innovative displays and has exhibited some of the world’s best known modern artists, such as Tracy Emin.

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