Nobody needs a reason to visit London; there’s so much to do and see at any time of the year; that said, if you want to attend one of the cities festivals or celebrations, it’s an excellent chance to combine a visit with a memorable excursion. Here are five of the best yearly event in London.

New Year Celebrations

The end of the year is a chance to reflect on time passed and make plans for the future, no wonder people make such a big deal out of it in London. The new year celebrations in London are world-famous, chances are you have seen them broadcast around the world on television.

Visiting London at this time of year might be busy, but it’s also rewarding. The fireworks at new year are spectacular and light up the city with an explosion of colour. Don’t worry about the crowds; if you’re in the city you only have to look into the sky to see the lights and hear the bells.

Christmas in London

We are all family with the Victorian London depicted by Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol. It’s a London that emphasises class difference and romanticises the Christmas spirit (or spirits) of gifting at this time of year. Nowadays, the city is more modern, but it’s no less magical.

If you visit London at Christmas, you will see spectacular illumination, tall Christmas trees, and Christmas markets selling handcrafted gifts unique to sellers from around the world. Christmas happens every year in the city, and you can enjoy the view of the light from the London Eye.    

The London Marathon

The London Marathon is another notable event that happens in the city every year. The London marathon began in 1981 and has operated continuously since then. This marathon attracts amateur and professional runners as well as a host of charity runners out to raise some cash.

Whether you love running or not, the London Marathon is an annual event that’ fun to attend. If you’re the long-distance type, then you will want to put on your trainers and give it a go, but you don’t have to run to enjoy the event. There are plenty of stalls and events going on at this time. 

The London Book Fair

The London Book Fair began life in 1971 as a publisher’s fair for librarians, but it has since grown into a global hub for publishers and book enthusiasts. If you have a love for the written word and you want to dive into a world of books, authors, and publishers, it’s worth a visit.

The London Book Fair happens every year in the spring months, and each year it focuses on a different publishing region. One year it might be South Africa, for instance, while another year, it might be the Arab World. Either way, you will find a central celebration of creativity and writing. 

The London Film Festival

The London Film festival is an event of global proportions that happen in the city every year. The film festival dates back to 1953 and brings together the films and cultures of around fifty countries. So if you’re a film enthusiast, this event is worth visiting for an epic London trip.

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