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If you plan on painting the town red during your visit to London, you will want to know the best areas to visit. The thing you want to do is wing it and end up in a place that’s unsuitable or too pricey. The list below gives you the most popular nightlife spots and what they have to offer.


If you know anything about London nightlife, you will have heard of Soho! Located in the centre of the city, Soho is the hub of London nightlife. There is something for everyone in this area, so whether you want a loud club night or a quirky place to have some friendly drinks, head to Soho.

Soho has some outlandish disco venues such as Club 49, Freedom Bar, and Barrio Bar, but equally, it has some chilled out venues too; ain’t Nothin’ and Garlic&Shots are two of the most notable ones. While prices tend to be on the high side, it’s worth a night out no and again. 


Camden is the place to be if you live the alternative scene. Here, you will find plenty of rock bars packed with hipsters and rock fans; you will also find some famous locations where stars such as Amy Winehouse first appeared on the scene. Find plenty of other notable musicians as well.

Although Camden has some clubs, it is not generally known for its club scene; instead, you can enjoy late-night cocktails, real ales, and plenty of rock music to keep your head banging into the early hours of the morning. So if you love rock and alternative scenes, Camden is the place! 


Shoreditch might have a reputation these days as the hub of hipster sensibilities, but its reputation as an edgy borderland goes back to the 16th Century when William Shakespeare – a local to Shorditch – put on some of his first and most famous plays at the local theatres there.

Of course, you can still catch a play or two in this hip area of the city, but you might be more interested in what the nightlife has to offer. In this regard, you won’t be disappointed either; Shoreditch has a wide array of cocktail bars, hipster discos, and underground dance nights.


There are two types of people in the world, those that love the grimy nightlife and those that prefer something more upmarket. If you’re the drink and dine sort, or if you simply prefer a change in gears, then visit the route between Kensington and Putney Bridge for its nightlife.

This area of West London is well-known for its drink and dine venues; there is the famous Raffles Club, for instance, The White Horse, or Maggie’s Club in Chelsea. Needless to say, these venues don’t come cheap, so be prepared to pay higher prices and taxi cab fares. 


Greenwich is a cool and quirky place to visit for a night out, this area of the city is best known for its maritime history, and it can seem a little dull at first; however, beneath the surface, you will find an area filled with craft beer bars and club venues that are perfect for a night out in London.

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