Chanel Marles, also known as Wing Chun Nelly, is a martial arts practitioner and rapidly growing social media influencer based in Essex. Having various viral posts, this young lady has come a long way exposing her passion and skill in a very short space of time through her Instagram account. We have gathered she has become a rising star within the martial arts community in the UK and feel this is just the beginner for her!

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For those who don’t know, Wing Chun is a form of self defence and impressively the only one to ever be developed by a woman. This makes Wing Chun one of the best arts for woman to learn, for various reasons. Unfortunately we live in dangerous times and woman are increasingly feeling more vulnerable and victimized in day to day life, which is sad and unfair. But learning a form of self defence is a fantastic way to regain control and confidence!

Like Wing Chun Nelly, lets help encourage and empower other woman through martial arts practice- after all it could safe your life.

Click here for more information about the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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