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Yu-Gi-Oh Cards London

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards London

Welcome To Yu-Gi-Oh Cards London

Buy Yu-Gi-Oh Collection London

Do you have a collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards that you are looking to sell in London? Even if you are outside of London then we can still help. We buy and sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards all the time and thanks to the internet and postage we can purchase collections from anywhere. Get in touch and speak to us for a free valuation of your cards. Usually the most convenient way is through Whatsapp because it’s easy to send pictures and chat. Once we have seen what you have and the condition of them we can do some research on recent sales prices. From this we can get your valuation together while giving you as much info as possible.

Once you have heard your valuation we will often make an offer if you want a convenient and quick sale. You will always make the most from your Yu-Gi-Oh cards by selling them yourself. Splitting them up and selling the more valuable one seperately on Ebay for example will get you the maximum value. Collectors will pay a premium for a certain card they need for their collection. However, selling them yourself does come along with a fair bit of listing depending on what you’ve got. Then you have to wait for them all to sell and post them out. So we offer a quick, stress free alternative.

What is Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yu-Gi-Oh is originally a Japanese Manga which is basically a comic book. It was illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi and was released in 1996. From this, came the anime series and trading card game. The trading card game was launched by Konami in 1999 in Japan and March 2002 in America and London. It even held the title of top selling trading card game in 2009. There were various movies and spin offs produced for years and cards are still being released today. The story of Yu-Gi-Oh is based on a fictional card game which is pretty much the trading card game we play. By using a combination of monster, magic and trap cards you have to bring your opponents life points down to zero. Since being released it has become one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

Viewers of the anime fell in love with characters such as Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, Pegasus, Seto Kaiba and many more. It would sometimes be known as duel monsters. The story follows Yugi Moto and his group of friends as they overcome many difficult circumstances. Famous characters from the card game will include the popular Blue Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician. Famously Seto Kaiba and Yugi Moto’s most powerful cards in the original series.

Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Cards London

You can see which Yu Gi Oh cards we have for sale by checking our Ebay page. There is no physical store for you to visit. 95% of our transactions are handled online. If we come to an agreement to purchase your Yu Gi Oh collection then we can pay you through Paypal or bank transfer and you just post it out to us.

To get in touch and receive your valuation for your Yu-Gi-Oh cards simply use the details found on this page. The best way is through Whatsapp – +447807148245 – It’s easy to send as many images as you need and to chat quickly. Feel free to send an email if you would prefer or give us a call. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you have.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Cards London

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