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Welcome To Things To Do In London

When visiting London it would probably be the best idea to have a plan of action, this way you can fit much more into your time here. Deciding all the spots to visit and which route is going to be the most efficient makes it so you can cram more into your visit. Are you going to stick to Central London or make your way from North London down to South London. Exploring London is so much fun but it can definitely be overwhelming as you begin to realise just how much there is to do in the city. One of London’s best benefits is the train and tube system. This allows you to get from one side of London to the other very quickly. Getting from East London to West London is no problem. Another great mode of transport will be to obtain a bicycle. There are many outlets providing bicycles which only take a second to hire. But this allows you to move about the city so much faster. With the traffic and congestion, a taxi or getting around in your car can actually be slower than walking a majority of the time so we definitely recommend looking into hiring a bicycle. And of course, make sure you have some comfy shoes on your feet. To find the closest tube in London, we recommend using the Transport For London website.

Whether you are a born and bred Londoner or only visiting for the day, there are some things that you just can’t leave without seeing. Buckingham Palace being the first. It’s the home of The Queen of England and is just a beautiful sight to see. It doesn’t cost a thing and is one of the many completely free attractions you can see in this amazing city. This leads us on to our second must see, the changing of the guards ceremony. The Changing of the Guard is the procession that takes place when the Queen’s Guard finish their guard watch and hand over to the new guard. It isn’t subtle either, there’s a whole ceremony complete with brass bands, marching and a lot of tradition. It takes place in a couple of locations but of course Buckingham Palace is the most impressive. Next on the list would be the National History Museum or the British Museum. There are some truly incredible sights to see at these free attractions. Spanning through the history of this country, city and the rest of the world. If you are a big fan of learning then there are lots of other free museums you can visit in London too. The Tower Of London is next on the list as one of London’s must see sights. It isn’t free to enter but it is a spectacle to see and absolutely steeped and embedded into the history of London. Here you can book tickets to see the Ceremony of the Keys. This ceremony dates back hundreds of years and celebrates the moment when the Tower is locked for the night and all of it’s treasures are safe including The Crown Jewels. Last on our list but not least would be the London Eye. Catching a ride on the London Eye is not only an experience you can’t leave London without doing but it also gives some immense views across the city. From here you will also be able to spot many other famous landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

London Business Directory

There are 32 boroughs including the city of London. There are over 600 square miles that makes up London which is a very big area by any city standards. With 8.5 million plus population, its a big city and one of the most famous in the world. The city of London is known as the square mile. This is the financial part of London and is where the rest of London grew from over the centuries. There are approximately 8,000 plus residents that make up the city of London in the square mile. There are around 10 million visitors to this part alone annually. It’s condensed with offices and financial businesses etc. They also have there own government in fact its the oldest government in the country, it has been here since about AD50. The city is comprised of twenty five wards, this was from the medieval government system. This allowed there to be a self governing council so to speak within the larger city of London.

London was know as Londinium which was what the Romans called it. Its interesting to note that many of the names of the roads and streets were named after where their businesses were formed. Some example of this are; Ironmonger lane, Milk street, Masons avenue, Bread street and so on. Companies like Lloyds of London, and the London stock exchange started in the city of London as well as the Bank of England. There are many roman remains and medieval churches throughout the square mile. There are actually 500 plus banks in the square mile.

The Great Fire of London destroyed a massive part of the city. This happened in 1666. Often forgotten there was actually a worse fire in 1123. The city really had a toll taken in World War 2. There are so many new buildings being built at the moment and it is fascinating walking the streets in the city. Seeing these fantastic new building developments for the future. But you can also stand right next to buildings that are many hundreds of years old too.

Walking Around London

Walking the streets of the city of London is one of the many things to do in London. It doesn’t cost one penny and is great for your health. There are some great things to see. Visit a cafe for a nice hearty breakfast and then maybe walk along the Thames enjoying the sites. Take note of the fantastic architecture. Meeting and chatting to people. There is just so much interest. St Pauls Cathedral is just amazing and only a few hundred yards from the river. You can end up in a pub for lunch or dinner with a glass of wine to finish the day.

Its also a good idea to visit the parts of the original roman wall that was built and parts that have been uncovered over the years. One near the Tower of London, and one part in the Barbican area. Its like a treasure hunt. Stop into the Tower of London which is in fact just outside the city of London. Also in the area is Smithfield Market, the Bank of England, the famous old Bailey, Leader-hall Market and the Lloyds building just to name a few.

So if you are looking for Things To Do In the City get your self a train, bus, car or whatever you need to have a great day out in the City.

Visit London

London is awash with enough things to see and do to keep visitors entertained for a lifetime! In fact, when you are visiting, your biggest dilemma will be what to do now and what to leave until your next visit! Because there is no way that you will get around the city in one session. Sometimes it’s better to tackle it in sections. Start with central London and then explore North London, East London, South London and West London after. Central London gets very busy and getting around in a car can be somewhat of a nightmare. But it is where most of the sightseeing spots are and a great place to start exploring London. Below are some highlights that we think make the capital great. If you are looking for specific things to do in London then just jump straight into the category of your choice! You can also find services here such as plumbers or electricians, just head on over to the ‘Services’ category here on Things To Do In London.

The Emirates Air Line have a cable car which glides above the River Thames from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. Enjoy great views of the city moving around you and the O2 arena. View the sunset over the river and watch the city come to life after dark with extended night flights. The journey times vary with passenger flow or weather conditions but usually take about 10 minutes. Piccadilly Circus is a very popular tourist destination. You can sit by the famous statue of Eros or check out the iconic advertising screens. At night when the screens light up the streets it has a different atmosphere and may remind you of Times Square in New York. Piccadilly Circus is just down the road from other popular locations such as Leicester Square or Regent Street. The day just isn’t complete without stopping in the Tate Modern when you visit London, especially if you enjoy your art and the creative mind. It’s Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary art from around the world. It’s set just on the bank of the Thames in the former Bankside Power Station. Inside, the incredible Turbine Hall runs the whole length of the building and is where you can see the amazing pieces of art which are housed here. It is worth mentioning that this gallery is completely free to enter.

The nightlife in London is absolutely electric. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of the night it is, there is always something going on. With an unlimited selection of bars, clubs and pubs to crawl, you’re in for a great night. There are entertainment centres with cocktail bars and mini golf courses inside them. Because why should a night out and great entertainment not be combined? Passing through some of the popular tourists destinations you will find street performers and buskers until the late hours. There are many spots where a connoisseur of drinks can sample all kinds of weird and wonderful beverages. Head into one of the many famous clubs in the city to immerse yourself in a party or rave. You will notice that even when it’s the early hours of the morning, you will still be able to find some delicious food to complete your night out in London. There are many tube stations which make it easy for you to get home safely. Keep up to date with some of the big venues in London like the O2 Arena to see what events they have coming up. In the past they have had some huge concerts for some even bigger names.

London Landmarks

Everyone knows that there are plenty of attractions and landmarks to visit while you are here. Some of the most iconic and recognised are The London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge and The Tower Of London. They are the biggest hot spots for tourists visiting London. But what you may not have known is that you can have lunch or dinner in the Shard looking over the whole city. Imagine enjoying some delicious food and company all while looking out across the capital from the tallest building.

Then you have some amazing architectural accomplishments such as Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and plenty more. In this city steeped in history, you will struggle not to find Things To Do In London. Don’t forget that there are walking tours available if you are a bit overwhelmed with getting around yourself.

Visiting with a group or on a school trip to London? A great place to start would be the British Museum or Natural History Museum. There are some amazing things to see in some of these free museums. You get to see the fantastic British and contemporary art which is held there. Speaking of art, walking around London you will probably notice street art or you might even see and artist in the act bringing their street art to life right in front of you. There are many other street performers to see on your way around too. Take a break and sit down in one of the many parks such as Hyde Park, Richmond park or Greenwich park to enjoy a picnic in the warm Summer days. 

Our goal here at Things To Do In London is to not only give these businesses great exposure but to also make things easy for anyone visiting London. Using our local online business directory we have created a hub where you can find everything you could need in the city. Superb restaurants and other eateries. All of the London attractions you could need. Tours on the River Thames and walking tours through the city. Pubs and bars in the plenty. Theatres and entertainment centres. Places to take the kids. We even have tradesmen such as builders and plumbers for the residents here who would need them. Things To Do In London is your one stop shop for when you are visiting the city.

About The City

London is a culture capital, steeped in history, and blessed with beautiful architecture and plenty of green spaces. The River Thames runs through its heart, adding to the spacious feel of the city, and of course its appeal to visitors. Access to the capital city is easy however you choose to travel, private jet, helicopter, planes, train, or automobile. We shouldn’t leave out the iconic forms of transport either – the double decker bus, the Hackney cab, and the Tube! These make for a great way to travel but be prepared if you are in Central London for some busy wait times and congestion. The surrounding areas like North London, South London, East London and West London are a lot easier to get around in. So you might want to start in those areas if you aren’t a fan of the hustle and bustle of city life.

It’s a misconception that London is an expensive day out. In fact, you will find that most of the famous landmarks here are completely free attractions to visit or you can just get up close and personal with them anyway. You can’t leave the city without pictures of the iconic tourist destinations. We suggest the Royal Albert Hall, Victoria And Albert Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral and if you are a Harry Potter fan then of course King’s Cross Station. These buildings are very photogenic and make for great memories when you leave. If politics are your thing then stopping past the Houses Of Parliament or No10 Downing Street which is the home of the Prime Minister should be on the list. The Houses Of Parliament run along the River Thames and are in close proximity to The Tower of London, The London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge so you definitely won’t be travelling out of your way.

London is the capital city of England and has been around for  so of course it is absolutely steeped in interesting history. It extends over 2000 years. In that time, it has become one of the world’s most significant financial and cultural capital cities. The Romans founded London in about 50 AD. After they invaded Britain in 43 AD the Romans built a bridge across the Thames. They later decided it was an excellent place to build a port. Since then, London has progressed through the ages to the city you see now.

The Royal Family

Like to follow the Royal Family? Well The Queen’s official London residence has a staggering 775 rooms and is one of the few working royal palaces which still remain in the world. In the Summer, the palace opens its doors to visitors and you can get a tour. The Royal Mews should be next on your hit list since it’s located at Buckingham Palace. This working stable is home to the royal collection of historic coaches and carriages. You can also find the cars which were used specifically for state occasions. Here you can find the most dazzling coach of all, the Gold State Coach. While you are still in the area, you might want to see The Queen’s Gallery. This is a gallery which is dedicated to works of art from the Royal Collection. It was built in 1962 and constructed out of the bomb-damaged ruins of the chapel. Next you can head over to Kensington Palace which offers a glimpse into the lives of the royals who were at home here in the past. Explore Princess Diana’s sense of style in her permanent fashion display. Kensington Palace has been influenced over the generations by many royal women. The Tower of London is usually spoken about because of the prison here which held many executions over it’s time. But what a lot of people may not know is that it was also a royal palace over it’s 900 year span. It’s also the home to The Crown Jewels which any big fan of the Royal Family should gaze upon at least once.

The city is home to many royal parks and famous landmarks which are recognized around the world. There are many walking tours for you to take part in so that you can see more of the city for yourself. Make sure not to fill yourself up before getting to the city because you will regret not saving yourself for some of the many food spots available. Restaurants and café’s are in the plenty. Get yourself booked in for some afternoon tea with a friend or try some street food that you have never tasted before. No budget? No problem! Gain entry to some completely free museums in London, there’s lots to choose from. Enjoy some of the shows from some talented street performers. Visit places like Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace to get some photos and you could be lucky and see the changing of the guard or the horse guard’s parade. You’ll find that many of these are free attractions, and you can gain free entry inside of them. Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, King’s Cross station, these are all completely free. These are just some of our favourite free things, attractions, and free activities to do. There are so many more too, you’ve just got to find them.

Shopping In London

There isn’t a road name in London that doesn’t make you think of going on a shopping spree. Famous high-end department stores, independent boutiques, magnificent markets and pop-up shops all combine to deliver a superior retail experience, whatever your budget and whatever you like to buy! Head over to our ‘Shops’ category – Click here

If you’re a retail addict then we have a few suggestions for where you can find the best spots for shopping in London. The West End, Leicester Square and Oxford Street are all prime shopping areas. Oxford Street is considered the centre of London’s shopping world. Holding well over 300 shops, 4 underground stations, as well as flagship stores for numerous companies. Oxford Street is not only the busiest shopping location in London it’s the largest shopping district in existence. Find all of the high street shops you expect to normally find in and English town but look a little deeper and you will find much more. Down the backstreets you can find boutiques and stores which don’t house all your average products. Many of the products sold in these hidden retail sanctuaries are only available here, you will not find them anywhere else. In these areas you will find other tourist attractions too such as theatres and entertainment venues. The West End in London is widely known for it’s theatres and wonderful shows that are put on.

If all the shopping has left you a little weary, you can find a place perfect for a pick-me-up at every turn. There are wine bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs and pop up eateries galore in the city, serving up every cuisine imaginable! There is of course a cracking night life and entertainment scene in the city where you can watch acts from all over the world perform on stage, including some of London’s very own 5-star acts. Find some lovely places to get some food here – Click here

For a bit of R&R in the city, we can’t recommend the parks enough – they are a day out in London in themselves. There are huge sweeping spaces of green landscape, some with lakes, one with a zoo, and plenty with a waterway running through, or places to swim – you really will wonder where the city has gone when you visit! The larger parks also have an amazing events calendar where you can watch live music, enjoy comedy festivals, and listen to poets and performers.

Free Attractions London

Of course it’s very easy to spend a lot of money in London quickly. But what you may not know is that it is just as easy to visit London on a budget. We love to help you save money if we can and it’s definitely possible even when visiting the capital of the country. There are many websites out there now which offer you coupons and vouchers to help keep costs down. So if you have some places in mind that you will definitely be visiting while you are here then it’s always worth hitting a quick Google search to see what offers and vouchers you can find. It’s not uncommon to get up to 50% off at some venues and attractions. These Things To Do In London are always trying to bring more customers in and more often than not they are putting promotions out there, you just need to look.

The next tip we have is to book your tickets in advance for all of the London attractions you want to visit. A lot of the attractions in London are actually completely free. It’s amazing that we are able to get up close and even go inside some of the famous landmarks without having to pay. Just make sure to book your tickets in advanced to avoid any disappointment on the day. The last thing you need is to arrive, excited to go in only to be turned away at the entrance because there aren’t any tickets left.

For learning days out in London then you have an amazing selections of free museums to check out. These include The British Museum which has treasures from Egyptian mummies to the Rosetta Stone. At the Victoria and Albert museum you can admire fashion, jewellery, furniture and more. Our favourite, the Natural History Museum which is home to the span of mankind and animals alike. For Britain’s naval history then the best place to head over to would be the National Maritime Museum. For all the art lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that places such as Tate Modern or the National Gallery are available to visit for free. When you are ready to take a break, you have a selection of parks to choose from and sit down with some food. These parks can actually make you forget that you are inside a city. We suggest Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Greenwich Park or Holland Park for some relaxing scenery. You have the possibility of spotting some free roaming deer at Richmond Park if you are lucky. Some other free to visit spots which are worth mentioning include Buckingham Palace with the changing of the guard ceremony. Seeing the famous fountains and stone lions at Trafalgar Square. For the Harry Potter fans, you have to head over to King’s Cross station and see platform 9 ¾. See the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing where The Beatles snapped their album cover. Pick your days right and you could be here for events such as Notting Hill Carnival. There are so many free things to do in London and we are only scratching the surface here. By bringing your own snacks or picnic you can keep the costs down even further.

Days Out In London

Whether you want to enjoy the scenic views of the city on a boat trip, or enjoy the scenic views of the river from the shore, The Thames is a London Attraction not to be missed during a visit. There are boat parties galore, floating restaurants, and Thames tours available too – or you can choose to travel by river taxi instead of the tube to take in the fresh air and views! For your day out in London, you have to visit some of the names you have heard so much about before. Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, The Tower Of London and the West End all spring to mind for us. Exploring London is an absolute pleasure. While you are exploring make sure to keep an eye out for free activities you can take part in, there are actually lots of them. Buckingham Palace is a great place to start and has the changing of the guard process which is popular for the tourists. Be sure to pick up some London souvenirs to show your loved one’s when you arrive home from your trip.

Check out our Day’s Out category here on Things To Do In London. There you can find everything we have compiled for you to check out. Find a science museum or visit the national maritime museum. There are many other free museums to check out too. You can see lots about the history of London such as what was going on here during world war ii. Grab some delicious street food, the selection is amazing. Only in a city like London will you find so much authentic cuisine from other parts of the world. The cultural diversity in London is amazing. It allows us to sample all kinds of cultures without leaving our country. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes then a trip to Baker Street is always necessary. See the legendary address of London’s most famous detective, 221B Baker Street. While travelling around, you will come across many gift shops where you can pick up some London souvenirs to bring back. You can’t leave the city without having a memento to take home.

Days Out With The Kids

Having a day out in London with the kids? No problem, London is stocked full of great attractions that your little ones can enjoy too. Let’s start with food, you want to make sure they are fuelled up and ready for their day. You might be spoiled for choice with where to grab lunch but with the little ones around we would always suggest somewhere with some interaction or a soft play area too. This way, if you aren’t finished yet, they can go off and play in a safe environment before you head out. Now, it depends on the age of your little ones but here is a little list of fun things to do with the kids in London. Visit one of them many arcade centres in the capital, many of these will have a bar or the option to get food in too. Go Karting is always a great choice for some high octane excitement for you and the kids. For the Potter fans out there you have the Warner Bros Studio tour. You’re able to get up close with many props and areas that you will recognise from the movies. Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE which is the London Aquarium are both fantastic options for attractions for kids. The London Eye is the ideal spot if you want to get some amazing views across the city and River Thames.

Being a photographer means that you have an unlimited supply of material to shoot in this amazing city. Think about just how many amazing and serene views you can get inside the concrete jungle. London’s skyline is always evolving and their are some truly iconic buildings involved. The Gherkin and the Shard are two of our own favourites. Then you could just travel along the Thames seeing all kinds of beautiful structures such as the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, London Bridge and Tower Bridge. This is just scratching the surface too. The city is a photographers paradise. Even if you don’t take many photos, it’s always worth grabbing a couple of snaps while you’re visiting. A great idea would be to go to the top of the Shard or get on the London Eye and take a serene shot across the city.

Sports In The City

Football is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. People travel all across the world to watch their favourite teams compete. London, being the capital city of England is home to many huge names in the world of football. Go and watch a game and even get a walking tour around the legendary Wembley Stadium. Get a taste of London’s football scene by checking out some of the other big stadium’s such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham. At the Tottenham Hotspur football ground, you can actually climb on to the roof where you can take part in the thrilling Dare Skywalk climb. If Rugby is more your thing then you can find some of the best rugby experiences in the UK here. You can stay at hotels where you will wake-up to views of the pitch at Twickenham. Get a tour around the World Rugby Museum of Twickenham. Learn about some of the biggest rugby teams in London including the Saracens, Harlequins and The Wasps.

Hop on a Santander bicycle in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where you can relive the spirit of the Olympic games which took place in London in 2012. Explore the Olympic village where you can take part in activities and get a tour. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a great visit for the kids and is next door to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Climb to the top of it to receive some fantastic views across the area and city. You are able to slide back down to the bottom again too.

Take part in some ice skating fun throughout the year when temporary ice rinks pop up in iconic settings in the city throughout the year. Most of them usually come together in November through to the New Year while it’s cold and cosy. Christmas is always a magical time in London with Winter Wonderland opening up in Hyde Park. This is an iconic place for a spot of ice skating along with lots of other entertainment. But many other rinks open up in stunning historic locations around the city. Keep your eye out for them.

This is just scratching the surface of what London has to offer in terms of sports. There is always professional competitions happening throughout the city whether it’s tennis, badminton, cricket, basketball or anything else you can think of. You will find many leisure centres and sports venues where you can take part yourself. Check out our Classes category here on Things To Do In London to find classes in which you can join.

Things To Do Near London

Looking for things to do near London? We have all the info you might need for visiting towns, cities and villages throughout the South-East of England, just search for us! See everything about what we do and how you can get involved by visiting our HUB – Click Here.

Maybe you aren’t looking for a busy day out in the city? We have many areas across Essex and the surrounding areas of London for you to check out. There is a lot less congestion in these less populated areas and everything seems more chilled out. But there are still plenty of things to do, great places to eat out and some completely free activities. Check out the coastal areas where you have miles of luscious beaches to explore and serene countryside. They make for the ideal spot to take the dogs out for a run and an even better place for the kids. There’s arcades, amusements and piers to visit.

Into your sports? Take part in one of the many classes available. Whether it’s dancing, self defence or martial arts, fitness, swimming or anything else, there is always something to get involved in. Around the outskirts of London you can find some absolutely picturesque golf courses. If you haven’t got time to get around the courses then you could try the driving range. There are many entertainment centres scattered around which have driving ranges in them. You can get food and drinks from the bar brought right to your spot on the driving range. On the weekend you can catch rugby and football matches being played at local parks and stadiums. The benefit of visiting areas just outside of London is that they aren’t overrun with people. They have lots of what the city has to offer but just on a smaller scale.

So when you visit London, make sure you have all of your necessary items. Some food or a picnic if you are going to be eating at Hyde Park or Holland Park etc. A comfy pair of shoes so you are ready for all the walking and a bit of a plan of where you are going to be going is always a bonus. Find lots of Things To Do In London and places to go on our categories. You will also be able to find services, business opportunities and lots more. Don’t forget that you can list your events and job vacancies on Things To Do In London completely free. Just hit one of the buttons below.