Pokemon Cards have become hugely popular again since the lockdown began. Everyone has been delving into their past and digging out their old collections. We saw record breaking prices for Pokemon Cards near the end of 2021. With the hype calming down a bit after the unnatural rise in attention, things seem to be levelling out again. However, if you have decided to dig your old Pokemon collection out, you can get in touch for a free valuation and a quote to have them bought in one convenient swoop for cash.

We Buy Old Pokemon Collections For Cash

We deal with all kinds of Pokemon cards and buy collections at a fair rate every week. At the moment, we don’t currently take any sets that came out after Sun And Moon. Pokemon Topps Cards, Japanese Pokemon Cards, EX cards and Black Star Promo Cards are all accepted. For common and uncommon cards we can only offer bulk rates unless they are part of a complete set. While you are in contact with us we will try to shed as much light on your collection as possible. This way you have more information to be going on with in the case that we don’t come to an agreement.

It’s very easy to get in touch. The most convenient way is usually to send a message through Whatsapp. Whatsapp is encrypted and its easy to send images and videos etc as well as chat.


You can see what Pokemon Cards we have for sale by visiting our Ebay page. Our stock has much more than what we have listed though. If you are looking for certain cards then send us a message and we can filter through our stock. Due to Ebay charging fee’s, you can usually get a better deal by dealing with us privately through messages.



Pokemon Cards For Sale London

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