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Probably the worlds most famous clock which has stood through six monarchs and 41 prime ministers. There is a lot of misconception with Big Ben. Many think that the tower and clock as a whole are Big Ben when in fact it is just the name for the great bell of the striking clock. Originally the official name for the tower was actually the Clock Tower but was later renamed to Elizabeth Tower in 2012. Big Ben is an iconic building in London, recognised by the masses around the world and also one of the most Instagrammed landmarks on the planet. You are able to visit and get a tour here but it is undergoing conservation work right now.

The Tower stands at 316 feet tall and it takes over 300 steps from the ground level to the belfry. When it was completed back in 1859, its clock was the largest and most accurate four-faced striking and chiming clock in the world. Big Ben is the largest of the Towers five bells and weighs in at more than 13 tonnes.

The Famous Big Ben London

Upon visiting the tower you will learn about the history of Big Ben through words and images. Discover why it was built, the engineers and clockmakers who created this horological masterpiece. The story behind Big Ben is a rich tale of drama, intrigue and politics. It’s such a huge part of the history of London and that is why we work hard to preserve and conserve it.

The clock is huge and so much goes into keeping it ticking. The mechanism which keeps the Great Clock ticking weighs five tonnes alone. The pendulum is almost four and half metres long and each beat last for two seconds. But outside pressure such as the wind can affect the accuracy of the clock.

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