A phrase that gets thrown around on a regular basis in London is, broke as a joke; everyone feels it, everyone knows the pain, and even if you’re lucky enough to have money, it doesn’t last for long. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a place where you could find the latest, most affordable events, activities, and experiences this fun city has to offer? The following list contains cheap and free things to do in London, which should give you a good idea of things to do while you’re in the capital.

Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Party

The events are not only fun and uplifting, but also affordable with tickets starting at just £10. Along the way, you will discover some of London’s iconic landmarks to the sounds of hits from the ‘70s to today; you will even witness a flash mob.

Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch

Are you looking for cheap activities to do in London? If you are in Shoreditch, Ballie Ballerson is offering you entry from just £5, as well as themed cocktails, giant ball pits, and even bottomless brunch for all ages which starts at just £25. You can’t ask for more than that.


What are some cheap date night ideas that you can try? It is a great opportunity for budding golfers to tee off for just £5 on Plonk. By simply securing off-peak tickets, you’ll be able to challenge yourself to these futuristic crazy golf courses that are scattered across the city.

Cargo Events

Cargo in East London is the best place to find cheap and free nights out in London. Known for its popular daytime parties, epic sports screenings, and raucous club nights from its home in Shoreditch, this place offers a jam-packed schedule of events at a low price.

Pedal Your Way Through London

London’s Hire Bikes scheme, also known as Boris Bikes, is one of its well-known attractions and offers an affordable and easy way to get around the city. A visitor is able to rent a bicycle for as little as £2 by simply picking up a bike from any of the docking stations. A total of more than 750 docking stations have over 1,000 bicycles.

Be A Tourist

One of the easiest budget-friendly activities and ways to see the sights in London is to wander around and see the sights (weather permitting). You can see a lot in a relatively short period of time in London’s centre, even though it is a huge city. One of the most famous walks in London is along the Thames, following the Southbank from opposite the Houses of Parliament, past London icons like the London Eye, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe and HMS Belfast to Tower Bridge.

Outdoor Spaces

London also has a number of parks to explore. Hyde Park’s Serpentine lake, Regent’s Park’s rose gardens, St James’ Park’s royal palaces, Hampstead Heath’s pools and Richmond Park’s deer are just a few things to do. Also, there are many smaller green spaces dotted around the city, ideal for lunchtime picnics.

This guide shows you that it is possible to explore London on a budget and even have a day out for free. It, of course, doesn’t cover everything that you can do, London is a fantastic place to visit and you will never run out of exciting things to see and do.