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This page is dedicated to finding things to do on your bucket list in London. Everyone has a list of things they would like to do or achieve at some point during their lives. The goal is to do everything before you die. This is called your bucket list. The ideas can be absolutely anything, if you can dream then you can do it. Some people shoot for the stars and others like a more humble list. But your bucket list is completely unique to you. Activities and places you go on a daily basis could be at the top of someone else’s list. Things you hope to achieve can be the complete norm in someone else’s life.

Some of the most popular items you normally find on a bucket list include:

  • Run a marathon
  • Set a Guinness world record
  • Visit a famous location or monument
  • Go skydiving

But when you really think about it, there are so many more bucket list ideas out there!

Why not start ticking some of them off now? What’s stopping you? We aren’t getting any younger after all and there is a whole world of opportunity out there. Go and smash your goals while you still can!

Complete My Bucket List London

London being the capital city of England is home to endless places to go and things to see. To the locals who already live in London, it’s not that exciting. They’ve seen Big Ben, The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey hundreds of times. But all of these famous and historical attractions around the city are very sought after by tourists. Asides from seeing these monuments, there are lots of other ways to tick of some items on your bucket list in London. The River Thames is home to diving activities, wakeboarding and lots more. There are huge stadiums such as The o2 or Wembley where you can face your fear of heights and climb to the very top. Enjoy a luxury cooked dinner with friends and family 100ft off the ground. Eat lunch at the top of the tallest building in the city. The only thing stopping you is you.

You find that some of the goals set in these lists aren’t to indulge. Some of them are conquering life long fears such as heights. There are lots that are to improve your health or get down or up to a certain weight. There really is no end to what can be added to your list.

Unique Bucket List Ideas London

Obviously we could go on for days coming up with items that can be added to your bucket list. You probably have already heard of the usual ones. People wanting to lose weight. Completing a marathon. Going sky diving to conquer their fear of heights. But here we have come up with a short list of some of the more unique ideas for your bucket list. Some that you may not have thought about before. They include things like:

  • Swimming with sharks or scuba diving
  • Go on a safari or nature trek
  • See all 7 continents of the world
  • See The Northern Lights
  • Go hang gliding
  • Ride an Elephant
  • See The Great Pyramid Of Giza
  • Drive the whole of route 66
  • Go to Disney World
  • Climb a mountain
  • Ride in a hot air balloon

Of course there are countless more ideas to add but we hope some of these you might not have thought about before. Pretty much anything can be an idea for your list. If it’s something you want to achieve in life then add it on. Even if you have a humble mind and your ideal bucket list is to simply graduate school, fall in love, have a fulfilling career, buy a house and have kids. That is your bucket list and you’ve gotta go out there and get it.

Things To Do Before You Die London

Starting to tick some of these items off of your list isn’t just satisfying and rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to start thinking of more ideas to pursue. You’ll be proud of what you’ve achieved and your life will certainly become a bit more interesting chasing some of these crazy ideas. That’s for sure.

To find some amazing things to do from your bucket list, simply head over to our website. All of the information you need is over there. You can start browsing through all of the ideas we have accumulated. Find new things to add to your list or find out how you can tick some off.

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