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The Workary

Coworking Space

Welcome To The Workary

Coworking Space in London

Coworking Space in London

The Workary, is an affordable co-working space which repurposes under-used library space, run by Wimbletech CIC. Now open in locations across London and beyond, TheWorkary is designed to act as a center for the community and to foster creativity and innovation for members of its network and the local community – beyond the walls of the library.

This innovative solution for entrepreneurs was created in 2013 by David Fletcher. Following successful fundraising for a mobile app startup, David was building and developing his business from his rented room and coffee shops across London. A scenario many startups will recognise. In need of a better solution – somewhere local that was affordable, flexible, and where David would be surrounded by other like-minded people, with different skills and experiences.

David shares, “In desperate need of a solution, I took the streets, and found the answer upstairs above Wimbledon Reference Library. Libraries are a valuable Community asset and are massively under threat – faced with changing community requirements and increased financial pressures, they need to find new, additional ways to generate revenue, awareness and footfall – they could help us… and we could help them – together we would be stronger!“

Desks start at £65 per month. Follow this link to book a tour: and for more information go to

Coworking Space

| Coworking Space in London

| London

35 Wimbledon Hill Rd, Wimbledon


SW19 7NB

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