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Symbiosia Community Interest Company

Fun And Fair For People And Planet

Welcome To Symbiosia Community Interest Company

Fun Events South London

Currently in South London, our vision is to revolutionise residential social care works across the UK. By creating a sustainable and joyful setting for residents that benefit both people and planet. Open to all generations and surrounded by nature, Symbiosia will be a place where people live, play, visit and work. Have fun now at one of our events to help make this happen.

Have some fun at Symbiosia

Would you like to attend events such as: craft markets, nature walks with tea and cake, stand-up comedy, music performances, mindfulness and guided meditation workshops? Plus there’s a whole raft of other events. All in the cause of developing a new model of nursing care home for some of our most vulnerable people? 

In which case, welcome to Symbiosia! 

Symbiosia is a bold new vision to re-imagine the UK’s nursing care home provision to care for dementia. By creating a thriving fun destination which is a pleasure to live in, work in and visit. Not only for those receiving care, but for everyone, environmentally friendly.

Why it matters

Living at home for as long as possible is probably most people’s wish. But sometimes home is a lonely place, or it is no longer possible. Moving into a nursing home should not be feared. This is why Symbiosia’s Founding Director, Esther Wiskerke, created this new vision. Which combines care along with fun in nature.

Why not have some fun at our events which aim to make this happen.

Ways to help our community interest company

We are piloting the model by organising various events: some face-to-face, some online. The face-to-face events take place in South London for now. These events help us to raise money to develop Symbiosia further which includes offering events for care for dementia and/or their relatives/caregivers.

Currently we are fundraising for:

  • The more boring elements of a start-up social enterprise, such as insurance!
  • A feasibility study.

You can help us by attending these fun events, by direct donations or by playing our weekly lottery Support Symbiosia Community Interest Company when you play One Lottery – One Lottery

Additionally, you can connect with our social media and be part of our community.

We would love to see you at one of our events.

Feeling like supporting us even more?

  • Share your skills with us pro-bono
  • Keep your eye out for a small piece of land which we can transform into a biodiverse space where we can run dementia/wellbeing supportive events as well as for the public.
  • Alternatively, an empty building or shop front at peppercorn rate will work as part of our first small steps.

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Join our community of like-minded people

For more information and to become part of Symbiosia’s community, find the links to everything you can get involved with here:

You can get in touch easily by using the contact details provided on this page. One of our friendly team will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have. Head over to our website if you would like see some more information. Keep in touch and up to date with all of our latest news and information by following our social media pages. Be the first to know about how Symbiosia is getting on and our fun fundraising events.

Fun And Fair For People And Planet

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