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Have you run out of ideas for your birthday? Are you planning a big event for a friend before they get married? You have just come across the perfect site that will make sure that the day is filled with fun, excitement and laughs!

Street Events can organise a great day for your whole group depending on how crazy you want it to be. We have things like ‘Archery Attack’, it’s a cross between archery, dodge-ball and paintball. It’s great fun and really brings the group together. We have inflatable mazes where you and your friends can play tag. We have a photo booth that we can bring to capture some classic memories. We have so much more too, such as…

Kick Darts | Sports Days | Nerf Gun Parties | Zorb Football | Goggle Football | And SO much more!

Check out our website for more details on these events and how you can get involved.

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