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Stratford City Halal Butchers

Halal Butchers

Welcome To Stratford City Halal Butchers

East London Halal Butchers

Halal Butchers London 

Welcome to Stratford City Halal Butchers

Here at Stratford City Halal Butchers, we pride ourselves on the wide selection of high quality Halal meat that we provide. Our different meat includes burgers and sausages, frozen and fresh meat like lamb and mutton, beef, different types of poultry and we have fish too. You cannot beat the freshness that our Halal butchers serves its meat. Our other stock consists of a great selection of Afro Caribbean and Asian groceries including different rice, pulses and special Asian spices. Everything is at very competitive prices too. We have built a good reputation in the area and we plan to keep it that way with welcoming all of our customers into a warm and friendly environment where they can get the products they need to the standard that they want them. We are your local continental market and aim to have our customers leave with a smile on their face and total satisfaction with the service they’ve received.

Our passion to have our customer’s enjoying good and fresh food is what keeps us doing what we’re doing. The fact that we get so many of our customer’s return and say they truly enjoyed our food more than other places gives us the satisfaction that we are always looking for. So come down to Stratford City Halal Butchers and see what we’re talking about.

Halal Butchers

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Stratford City Halal Meat, 70-73 Broadway


E15 1XQ

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