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From life as a gangster to sharing a jail cell with Charles Bronson, see how I’ve turned my life into a success story. My younger years were filled with organised crime and the life of a gangster but near the age of 40 I had a ghostly encounter which made me make a change. Now I’m here trying to pass my experiences and knowledge to help change other peoples lives. If you are following the road that I did then the sooner you make the change the better. Don’t waste years of your lie risking it all. We get one go at living so don’t waste what precious time you have here. I have many best selling books available right now which I’ve poured my whole life into. You can find them on my website easily and see what it takes to get to where I am from where I was.

Focusing on making the world better & improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide

Now I’m making the most of my life and helping others as I go. I never though I would see myself where I am 10 years ago. But I did it and you can too. I’m happy to make appearances at events, on the radio and anywhere else. Get in touch if you would like some public speaking etc.

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You can find lots more information about me and my methods of becoming successful over on my website. See my latest book and information about what’s coming up in the future. You can easily get in touch using the contact form over there too. All of my contact details are listed on this page if you would rather speak through any of those channels.

To keep in touch and up to date with all of my latest events, follow my social media pages. You can see lots of imagery from past events and meetings I’ve had. Any announcements that I make are usually put through them before anywhere else.

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