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Welcome To SNC London Send Directory

Educational Needs

The London SEND Directory is a one-stop shop, borough-by-borough, for special educational needs and disability (SEND). It provides information, support, products, services for families with children, young people and adults with special needs and disabilities living in London. We also provide information to professionals in schools, local authorities, and organisation in the SEND sector. The directory was started because parent carers wanted to find a range of information to support their children and live a better quality of life. It is a marketplace for many organisations and business who want to reach families with innovative products and services.

The directory covers a variety of topics for parents and children including,

  • EHC plans.
  • understanding your SEND rights
  • educational resources
  • navigating around the SEND Local Offer website
  • short breaks and respite provision
  • specialist therapies (speech and language, OT, Physio),
  • how to find suitable mainstream and specials schools,
  • post 19 provision and specialist colleges.
  • how to access support from the local authority and health departments
  • local support organisations
  • wellbeing and keeping healthy.
  • useful tech and sensory equipment

For professionals, there are information about

  • teaching aids
  • effective engagement with parents
  • resource support for SENCOs and schools
  • the latest news and updates on SEND Law.
  • SEND events and conferences.

We welcome advertising from companies and organisations with interesting and useful products and services for families and professionals

London has it very own specific and rich ecosystem that exists within each borough. Collectively, each local authority, organisation, or community group, collaborate to create a strong network for support for their own SEND communities. They offer a range of services, information, and support across London and work together to share ideas, best practices, and build a strong foundation to enable children, young people, adults, and their families to thrive. We all benefit from learning from each other and collaborate to find innovative solutions for our London SEND community. Join the community, get in touch, and discover an inspired and empowered SEND network across London.

Special Need Community (SNC) Community Interest Company (CIC), is a creative and innovative London-wide social enterprise created by a team of experienced parent carers to provide support, empower, and connect families. SNC, welcomes and supports all families with children, young people or young adults with special educational needs or disability from ANY background or disability in ANY borough of London and Greater London. We offer free membership, support the whole family and we are particularly passionate about the welfare and wellbeing of parent/carers and helping them to stay healthy, so they can be in a better position to continue to be a carer. We have an extensive London network and specialist on the SEND Local Offer and expertise on Inclusive London Playgrounds. The London SEND Directory is managed by SNC London Ltd which is the trading subsidiary of SNC (CIC). It is a limited company, independently funded, and is a for-profit business set up to support the work of the CIC.

The founder, Olivia King-Boateng, is a parent of a young person with Down’s Syndrome and Autism. She is a trained Parent Ambassador, Engagement Consultant, and chief executive of both SNC CIC and SNC London Ltd. She also run several other businesses. She was one of the founding members of the DfE funded parent carer forum for Harrow called Harrow Parent Forum (formerly, Harrow Parents 4 Disabled Children, which was formed out of the Aiming High for Disabled Children initiative in 2008). She was the Steering Group Chair from 2010-2015 and the Secretary from 2017-2020. Parent carer forums across the country are part of the Nation Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF), which is a powerful force in promoting the participation of parents and carers in the decision-making process which involves policies and services for and involving children and young people from 0-25 years of age. Her son, who is now 17years old has Down’s Syndrome, Autism, and severe learning disabilities. Not long after her son was born, her marriage broke down and she found herself having to rebuild her life around my son’s needs. She started volunteering and became involvement in her son’s special school and the local community. This led her to join the local parent carer forum which empowered her further to support other parents and provide a range of support services. Together, they influenced key decision makers in the council and health department by helping understand what it really means to bring up a child or young person with SEND. The experience and expertise led her to create the London SEND Directory.

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