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We want women to know they are not alone! As women, our lives are busy and we wear many hats day to day. Being united through the diversity of female experience and coming together from various walks of life as a vibrant team of sisterhood we’ve put together Shhh… so that we can let women know it is ok to take time out to look after yourself. Self help really gives women a sense of control and it all begins with sleep! Our goal is to raise awareness and let you take control of your body when you need to. Discover our wellness products and our natural solutions for a healthier life! Let our menopause supplements offer you relief and rest when it’s vital.

Effective Menopause Supplements London

It’s a pity but true that the society that we live in is still struggling with the remnants of the traditional female role. It continues to take for granted the issues that females deal with on a day to day basis quietly. Hot flushes, hormonal changes, loss of sex drive and incontinence. Still a taboo? So many of us still wouldn’t dream of talking about these issues openly. Or would we?

A range like Shhh has been a long time coming. It’s such a joy to bring these formulations to market to improve women’s wellness. Additionally it enables us to achieve more of our goals without the constraints of female silence being expected.

Sleep And Magnesium Spray Available

To see our range of menopause supplements and get some for yourself, click here to shop now. Get magnesium sprays, bath salts and serums that can help to ease your comfortability during your menopause. Magnesium is an important element for health and the immune system – plus it’s strongly associated with helping to improve sleep!



Click the links on this page to be taken to our social media pages. Accompany our journey… it’s an unprecedented time of opportunity to keep the conversation going on menopause. We’re humbled with every opportunity to meet you and share. Stay in touch and up to date with all of our latest news and information. Be the first to know about our latest updates and promotions. Involve yourself in the community to see that you are not alone and there are so many going through the exact same things.

Find lots more information about us, who we are and our menopause supplements in London by heading over to our website. Speak with one of our friendly team by phone, email or through our social media profiles. All of those details are listed on this page. So you can get in touch easily.

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