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Regent Street Records – Record Label

Record Label

Welcome To Regent Street Records – Record Label

Regent Street Records

Regent Street Records – Record Label, Publisher and Sync, Mate.

RSR is record label ready for the 21st century. Which is handy, because we’re already 17 years in.

MUSIC Our artists make rock, punk, indie, and rap music always with an alternative edge, and although we’re based in Essex, you’ll find our artists gigging across the country and across the globe.

TECH Constantly looking at new technology (the RSR CEO V. Higgins is the founder/director of the BPI Innovation Hub for music/tech start-ups) and new ways to market music, we’re always on the look-out for potential business collaborators.

SYNC As both a label and publisher, much of our catalogue is one-stop for sync, with a history of track placements on SKY, HBO, Netflix and BBC shows. We know how to license.

LIVE Working alongside promoters we handle public gigs and corporate events. Need music? We’ve got music.

Nice one.

DEMOS We accept demos through the official Demospace portal, here.

Record Label

| Regent Street Records

| Publisher and Sync