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Online Networking Events In London

Welcome To Meeow

Business Networking London

Meeow is built to help small businesses succeed through networking. We run online networking events for London and the rest of the UK, bringing business owners together to help, support and advise each other. All our events are listed on our website. 

Meeow is free to join and easy to get started. Simply complete your member profile to help us match you with the people we think you’ll have the best conversations with. Meeows (our meetings) vary in subject and location and the more conversations you have, the more opportunities you can find.

Exciting Online Networking London

Networking works for small businesses. Some say it is the most powerful tool a small business owner can use to succeed. With Meeow, networking is available at the click of a mouse. Throughout the day, you can join a meeow and speak with other business owners when it’s convenient for you. 

1000’s of people use Meeow Online Networking, but you’ll be matched into groups of no more than 4. This is the very best way to have great conversations and make real, lasting connections. Over saturated meetings means that it’s hard for everyone to get their message across. A lot of the time it’s impossible to remember everyone that you’ve spoken to.

There’s no need for a host. Meeow will guide you throughout your 45 minute meeting and give you the tools to network efficiently and effectively.  Just bring yourself, your positive attitude and a desire to help others and our community will welcome you with open arms.

Meet Like Minded People And Develop Your Business

To find out more about our platform and how you can sign up check out our website. Creating a profile is quick and easy. Our team can help if you need anything.

Additionally, regular updates and information are posted on our social media pages, so give us a follow to keep up to date about events in London and in the global Meeow community. 

We look forward to seeing you on Meeow soon.

Online Networking Events In London

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