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Covering London and beyond, Lis is a certified speaker, author and life coach who empowers men and women to break free from coercive controlling relationships. As a survivor of coercive control in her life, she doesn’t want people to go through the same thing. She found a way to break free and so can you. Throughout her life she has supported young people with emotional or behavioural difficulties. This then led on to her career in teaching to start. She covered KS3 and KS4 in both mainstream and independent schools. She specialised in humanities, health, social care and psychology.

Lis is a facilitator of the VOICE programme which stands for Victims Of Intimate Coercive Experience. After breaking free of her own coercive relationship, she realised just how good it felt to be free again. There is so much to enjoy in life and the longer you remain where you are, the more of it you will miss. Lis’s purpose is to spread awareness of coercive control and to support others experiencing this type of abuse.

Empowering Women and Men to Break Free from Coercive Controlling Relationships

Continuing her journey of bringing more awareness to coercive control, domestic abuse, bullying in the work place etc. Lis has started writing all of her experiences and knowledge into her books. She is now the author of ‘Break Free’ which was released in 2021. Break Free pretty much maps Lis’s transformational journey and paradigm shift out of her coercive controlling relationship which spanned nearly two decades. Another release of hers is co-parenting within coercive control: A parent’s guide to helping and supporting their children.

Lis focuses mainly on the importance of the inner game for self healing and empowerment. Do you want to know how Lis managed to break free finally after nearly 20 years in the relationship? The break free programme that she has created is the exact blueprint that she used to leave here own coercive control.

Coercive Control Training London

She’s here to help you, so when you are ready, get in touch. You can book a call slot with Lis easily by clicking here. All of the other contact details you can reach her on are listed here on this page. If you would rather, you can drop Lis a direct message on one of her social media pages and you can take it from there. A calm and chilled mellow approach is always the one she takes so speaking with Lis is easy.

Keep in touch and up to date with all of the latest news and information by following the social media pages. You can find her over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where she posts regular updates of what she gets up to. Be the first to know about the latest news with helping people in coercive relationships, being bullied at work or being domestically abused. Find lots of previous information and tips of how you can help yourself too.

Coercive Control Training London

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