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Social Value Delivery London

Welcome To LetsLocalise

Sustainable Future London

We are a sustainability platform that facilitates and enables the fulfillment of social value commitments and initiatives. Our AI-powered matchmaking platform brings together and organises multiple stakeholders, matching their needs and requirements with the individuals, experts, and organisations who can fulfill them. By channeling support and connecting responsible corporates to classrooms we are empowering schools to create a real impact. When given all the tools and resources they need, they are able to push forward into creating a sustainable future. Our goal is to build a more equitable and resilient world for children. Empower the youth to overcome tomorrow’s challenges.

The platform provides businesses and suppliers with a wide array of tools to effectively drive social value to support the community, such as:

  • Volunteering
  • Knowledge-sharing and upskilling beneficiaries
  • Donation of funds and resources
  • Internships and work placements
  • Climate education, and more!

This gives our young ones the knowledge and experience on how to create a more sustainable future for us all.

Building A Sustainable Future In London

The LetsLocalise team acts as an extension of the business’ team supporting them with achieving their objectives and goals in a streamlined, fast, and efficient manner. This saves time, money, effort, and other resources. Create an intelligent and collaborative ecosystem which helps suppliers reach their ‘perfect partner’.

The constantly evolving and developing nature of our platform is revolutionising the way social value is delivered and driven into communities, thereby empowering and changing the lives of many! LetsLocalise offers support right from the market-engagement stage, all the way through to procurement and contract management, bringing together Suppliers, Schools, Community Individuals, SMEs, VCSEs, and Local Authorities.

Our Social Value Platform

Want to know how you can get involved? Anyone is able to help whether you are an individual, school or corporation. Click on any of those links to be shown how you can be part of the movement. Check out our upcoming events by clicking here. Follow our social media pages to be kept in the loop with everything we get up to. We post regular updates and imagery of our events, breakthroughs, new partners and more. Be the first to know about our latest news.

Head over to our website to see more about how we are creating a more sustainable future. You can speak with our friendly team simply by getting in touch. All of our contact details can be found right here on this page. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide some more information.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Social Value Delivery London

| Sustainable Future London

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LetsLocalise, 1A Bearwood Road, Wokingham, Berkshire

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