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Private banks to date are conflicted, opaque, and only accessible to a small percentage of very wealthy clients. The space is dull, dominated by the privileged elite and void of any fun. The industry has not even started scratching the sides of digitization, let alone come up with a secure, regulated, trusted, transparent, and cutting edge digital scalable offering.


Infinity Circle is the groundbreaking digital wealth creation platform providing the highway to exclusive opportunities otherwise only available to the ultra rich. We intend to bring the platform to market using a hybrid approach. Utilising both digital and physical networks. Such a strategy will help ensure expediential growth. It will be available as a web based platform and also an app.


Infinity Circle’s vision is to democratize and simplify quality asset management across asset classes through the creation of a one-stop-shop digital, global, and cyber-secure wealth management App and web platform.

Infinity is building a secure and trusted global digital platform to serve the growing  needs of emerging wealth (with an estimated $3 trillion global market) for efficient, always available, and bespoke financial services.


Infinity Circle was founded in December 2018. The vision is based on Elisabeth Dana’s 20-year experience in finance and feedback from her existing wealth management clients. The Infinity Circle co-founders invested £500,000 to date. During 2019, the team researched and met other Fintech projects in London, Hong Kong, New York, and LA. The reason for this research was to ensure Infinity Circle has the capabilities and the connections to create a truly crossborder offering.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable team, simply get in touch. You can check out our website for some more information too. Stay in touch and up to date with our latest news on our Instagram page.

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Financial Services

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