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Would you like to travel in 4 and 5 star style, but at 2 and 3 star prices? If you like the sound of that question then that means everyone else does too. We have a very unique, cool and fun way to earn an additional income for yourself. If you are an entrepreneur, you like to travel or you just enjoy networking then there’s a great opportunity here for you. Here’s how it works…

  1. TSA’s which are Travel Savings Ambassadors can share 50% of the savings with anyone that has a free ibüümerang website.
  2. When they book on their personal ibüümerang website your customers enjoy 50% of the available savings.
  3. The other 50% of savings comes back to you in cash and through the compensation plan.

When they “Yes!” to your question, you simply send them a free ibüümerang website. When they book their travels through it and get their savings, you get paid. But there’s no end to the possibilities really. If you are someone who doesn’t want to try and sell to people then you just need to build yourself a customer base. When those customers come back every yeah for their next savings, you will get paid again for not lifting a finger.

How Does A Boomerang work? You throw it and it comes back to you!

You throw out good will and savings for people. When people take advantage of the savings you have offered then you get rewarded with a travel savings bonus in cash! It’s as simple as that. The only way you will get paid is if your customer saves money. So everyone is a winner! Your customer has saved money and you have earned money. It’s the perfect opportunity to become an entrepreneur and become your own boss.

To see more information simply head over to our website. You can get in touch easily using the contact details right here on this page. We will be happy to go over and iron out any details you need. You can keep in touch and up to date with all of our latest news and information by following our social media pages.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

The Büüm Foundation

Every time a free discounted travel website is activated, the Foundation supports a poor child with a nutritious meal. Please check out our website by clicking here.

Thanks for your caring support.


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