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Elvin Priestley Elvis Impersonator

Elvis Impersonator

Welcome To Elvin Priestley Elvis Impersonator

Elvis Presley

Elvis Impersonator | Elvis Presley | Singer | Rock n Roll | London

Welcome To Elvin Priestley

Elvin has been performing for so long now he has completely perfected his persona and is probably the greatest Elvis Impersonator around. The passion that Elvin has for his profession comes out in every performance and show that he does. He was born to be an Elvis Impersonator and if you get a chance to see him perform then you will understand why too. If you book Elvin as your performer then you can rest assured that you are in great hands and your guests are going to absolutely love the show. Check out Elvin’s website to see all the great feedback he has had from his previous clients. When you have the passion that Elvin possesses then it comes naturally and easily.

His shows have been carefully thought out and practiced with the perfect mix of songs that have strategically been picked for one purpose, to keep your guests dancing all night long.

He doesn’t just do performances, Elvin can also provide other services such as marriages and renewing vows plus much more. So if you have always been passionate about the king of rock and roll and would love for him to be at one of your special events then don’t waste anytime because you won’t find another like Elvin Priestley. No matter what your event is, this Elvis Impersonator will keep your guests entertained.

Elvin has made many appearances on television shows such as The BBC 3 Show ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ and Used Car Wars plus lots more. Elvin has really managed to set himself above the other Elvis Impersonators which has bought him all this attention and got him a lot of time in front of the camera’s. He has even performed for royalty so you know that you’re going to receive a first class act.

So if Elvis has always had a special place in your heart then don’t waste anytime and book the best now.

Elvis Impersonator

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