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Welcome To Camden Tea Shop

Flavoured Tea

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Welcome To Camden Tea Shop

We are dedicated to providing the public with the freshest and most delicious tasting beverages made from only natural ingredients that have absolutely no artificial colours or flavours. We have an absolutely massive range of different teas for you to try here. If you love tea and finding new flavours and infusions then you are going to absolutely love Camden Tea Shop. All of us here are very friendly and we love to talk about tea so feel free to stop by our little shop and say hello, we will fill you in on all of the new flavours that we have. We have flavours from all over the world from all types of different cultures, once you try some of ours, we think you’ll be hooked.

All of the tea is sold loose and in resealable pouches to keep the freshness in and there are around 25 servings in each pouch. Why settle for the normal flavoured tea that you get everywhere when you can treat your taste buds to vibrant and tasteful flavours. Nothing beats a cup of fresh tea from Camden Tea Shop.

All of our staff here are passionate about their tea and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can get in touch by phone or email and you can even pop past if you are in the area. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Make sure to follow our social media pages to be kept up to date with any offers and any new flavours that we get in.

Opening Times –

Monday 10am–6:30pm
Tuesday 10am–6:30pm
Wednesday 10am–6:30pm
Thursday 10am–6:30pm
Friday 10am–6:30pm
Saturday 10am–6:30pm
Sunday 10am–6:30pm


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