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With AI becoming so much more prevalent in the world, technologists and business professionals are exploring the real world applications of AI. Especially in cities such as London. The newest technology always makes it’s first appearance in major cities and then disperses itself across the rest of the country. There are unparalleled opportunities which have come along with this new wave of technological advancements. Artificial intelligence is fast being implemented into our lives already and you may not have noticed. Along with the breakthroughs, there is fear for some professionals that AI will quickly put them out of a job. Carry on reading to find out more about the fascinating and fast-developing technologies of artificial intelligence.

AI Technology London

When you think of artificial intelligence, you might picture robots and self driving vehicles. Additionally, chatbots like ChatGPT which have been trending may also be at the front of your mind. The idea of a machine which can perform tasks that previously required human intelligence has been around for a good while. But in recent years with computers and the internet we have seen AI become more human like. Being able to adapt to situations, solve problems, plan and improvise when faced with a new situation. Some technology can even learn new things without having to be programmed with it.

You can hop onto your computer now and have access to AI chatbots such as ChatGPT or Google Bard. These platforms have been created with algorithms which are machine learning. Even these can adapt and learn new skills which they weren’t programmed for. If you have a smart phone you can speak to your assistant to do tasks for you.

Artificial Intelligence Taking Over

Has enough thinking been done about how this technology will impact the future generations? I think the usual suspect in everyone’s mind when they think of the risks involved is robotic AI. Movies such as the Terminator have put this idea into our heads that robots could become smart enough to take over the world. Is this a possibility? The truth is, we don’t actually know. If the advancements continue at the pace they are on then it’s definitely plausible that we could create something too intelligent. Machine learning lets artificial intelligence learn from experiences themselves. A machine programmed to have a certain function will do just that. But once they can learn and adapt by themselves, you could be playing a risky game.

However, we are still at the beginning with where this can lead to. There are an unlimited amount of applications which AI London can be used in. The sky and imagination really are the limits. With the Metaverse on the way and virtual reality making huge advancements also, who knows what’s in store for the future.

Artificial Intelligence London

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