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Two Little Dickheads: Slot Fillers

12 July 2024

-  10:00 pm

Two Little Dickheads: Slot Fillers

By London Clown Festival 2024

Your favourite pair of co-dependent Australian dickheads are hitting London, doing what they do best – filling slots.
Featuring unhinged sketches, silly dancing, stupid puppets and surprisingly good singing. The inseparable, pyjama-wearing, cat-obsessed duo of Sharnema and Dave have worked themselves into a tizzy deconstructing the power of love through lo-fi indie rock (*electric ukulele alert*). With songs including I Don’t Wanna Have A Baby and Fanta of the Opera.

Prepare to have your slot filled with 58 minutes of clowntastic, musical nonsense, delivered with big chaos energy. The only show that guarantees to NOT make you pregnant, or your money back.

Bring a fling of mort and get a free sanglcrumb.

Part of London Clown Festival 2024.

21 Dean Street