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The Magicians Table

29 September 2024

-  5:30 pm

The Magicians Table

By Tanner Warehouse

London’s First Immersive Live Magic Experience!

The Magicians Table brings together some of the UK’s best magicians who will perform an array of incredible magic right at your table, inches from your nose. Our evening has been curated so that you’ll see a mixture of close up magic unlike anywhere else.

The Magicians Table reimagines what the art of magic can be.

Drinks will be served throughout the evening, live music is the soundtrack of your night and you’ll be told an original tale of love, loss and mystery.

Prepare to step inside the world of our sadly deceased carnival owner – his private warehouse and performance space is the setting for our evening and the best magicians the UK has to offer will be the entertainment.

Across 2 hours you will be treated to some of the best close up magic available worldwide, to a story of love and mystery, to live music from the man on the accordian and to drinks that are as free flowing as the wonder.

We have carefully curated the evening in order to give you the widest variety of close up magic available. Not only are our magicians some of the best in the world, they also bring personalities that you won’t forget. We will be announcing who exactly is on our roster very soon.

Our man on the accordion is not only the person behind the soundtrack of the evening, they will also come with tales and stories of their own and will be able to shed some light onto who Dieter Roterburg was and what secrets he was hiding.

Our drinks are all served at table and will be a mixture of old classic and soon to be new favourites, made especially for the evening. Make sure to try the Sideshow Sling, Roterburg’s favourite.

Tanner Warehouse 50 Bermondsey St,