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Princess Diana: Accredited Access Photography Exhibition

25 May 2024

-  10:00 am

£From £17

Princess Diana: Accredited Access Photography Exhibition

By Things To Do Ltd

Opening on 25th May 2024 in London, and for a limited run, the exhibition tells the untold story of how Princess Diana changed the world – through the lens of her official photographer.

Pairing a stunning visual journey of her most recognisable and iconic photographs with exclusive, never-heard-before stories from her official photographers, we trace Diana’s emotional path as she modernises motherhood, revolutionises fashion and shows the world how to be human.

Accredited by the Royal Family, Anwar Hussein and his two sons make up the longest-standing family of official royal photographers, having collectively spent over four decades working side-by-side with the iconic Princess and her family. Anwar Hussein changed how we see the Royal Family by taking casual photographs capturing the subjects’ lives and emotions.

For the first time in his 60-year career, her favourite royal photographer of all time shares the untold stories of royal life and the Princess that we could not take our eyes off.

The 60-minute experience includes a free multimedia guide and is located at Dockside Vaults at St Katharine Docks, right next to Tower Bridge. Prices from £17 and can be booked online at PrincessDiana.London.

Dockside Vaults, Ivory House



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