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NexGen Banking Summit 2024

23 October 2024

-  9:00 am

£555 & £777

NexGen Banking Summit 2024

By NexGen Banking Summit

The NexGen Banking Summit, scheduled for October 23rd and 24th, 2024 at the Hilton Hotel in London, brings together industry leaders, banking institutions, and technology companies. This pivotal event explores how cutting-edge technologies—such as AI, biometrics, and open banking—are reshaping the financial landscape. As banks adapt to these transformative forces, attendees gain insights into innovative strategies, regulatory compliance, and customer-centric approaches that will define the future of banking.

1. Artificial Intelligence & Personalization
2. Fintech Innovations & Strategies
3. Cybersecurity & Risk Management
4. Regulatory Environment & Compliance

Topics We Cover
1. Generative AI: Mitigating and Managing Ethical Risks
2. AI in Modern Business Environments: Digital Banking & Trust
3. The Rise of AI powered CX in Finance
4. Generative AI in Production- Lessons Learned and Future Opportunities
5. Exploring the Future of Banking in the Age of GenAI
6. AI-Powered Customer Experience
7. Digital Transformation Strategies
8. Open Banking Innovations
9. Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention
10. Cloud Banking Solutions
11. Personalized Financial Services
12. RegTech Compliance Solutions
13. API Integration Trends
14. Customer-Centric Banking Models
15. Sustainability in Finance
16. Biometric Authentication Methods
17. Virtual Banking Platforms

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