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Mark Padmore and Mishka Rushdie Momen

12 December 2023

-  7:30 pm

£30 per adult, £15 per student

Mark Padmore and Mishka Rushdie Momen

By JW3

Mark Padmore, is one of the most communicative and distinguished tenors of his generation. Join him and pianist Mishka Rusdie Momen on a captivating journey through the depths of human emotion, where love and longing intertwine for an exquisite evening of song.

At the heart of the programme are the expressive songs of Schumann. Delight in his whimsical setting of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales and prepare for a breath-taking finale as Schumann’s poetic masterpiece Dichterliebe illuminates the complexities of love, from ecstasy to heartbreak.

Haydn: She Never Told her Love; Spirit Song
Mozart: Das Veichen; Abendemfindung
Beethoven: Adelaide
Schubert: Im Frühling; Frühlingsglaube
Schumann: Hans Christian Andersen Lieder Op. 40
Märzveichen; Muttertraum; Der Soldat; Der Spielmann
Schumann: Dichterliebe Op. 48 complete 20 song version.




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