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Lucia No 3 – Lucid Light Experience “A truly unique experience for each individual”

13 April 2024

-  11:00 am

£Three Options £45 (30mins), £60 (60mins), 90min (£85)

Lucia No 3 – Lucid Light Experience “A truly unique experience for each individual”

By Tranquil Retreats

Would you like to experience the effect of Light interacting directly with your Consciousness?

How would your Consciousness, Energy field, and Physical networks respond?

Watch our YouTube video to see what people say about the Lucia No 3 Lucid Light Experience.

“A truly unique experience for each individual”

The Lucia No 3 – Lucid Light Experience creates a sense of deep relaxation, dissipating the sensation of time and space, with a unique experience to you.

The combination of flickering LEDs and constant light stimulates the brains’ alpha waves and produces an optical experience which is entirely determined by the user’s consciousness.

Whilst sitting or lying in front of the light, with eyes shut, the users’ mind automatically creates a series of images and perceptions, taking them on their own personal visual journey.

Famous consciousness researchers’ such as Tom Campbell (Physicist & Author of My Big Toe) & Anthony Peake (Author of Cheating the Ferryman, The Daemon, Is there Life after Death – and other titles exploring areas of human consciousness) have tried the Lucia No3 – Lucid Light Experience.

Developed by Dr. Dirk Proeckl, a Neurologist and Psychologist, and Dr. Engelbert Winkler, a Psychologist and Psychotherapist, the kinetic light device stimulates neurotransmitters that facilitate harmonic patterns of the frequencies in different parts of the brain, which are usually only attainable after practicing meditation for many years.

The Lucia No 3 – Lucid Light Experience can produce effortlessly and without long hours of practice:

• Quick and sustained deep relaxation

• The feeling of being outside one’s body

• Spiritual or transcendental experiences

• Being beyond time and space

• “Deceleration”

• Enhanced joy of living

• Inner peace and emotional stability

• Stress relief & Calmness

• Increased learning aptitude and achievement potential

• Enhancement of creativity

We offer 3 booking options: 30min (£45), 60min (£60) or 90min (£85) throughout the day in London, Essex/East Herts & Cambridge.

Individual and Dual session sessions are available as well as block bookings for going deeper into your exploration or working on relaxation over time.

How to book your session

To book a 30 min, 60 min or 90min session book via our website

Email us or contact us to book in your preferred date/time slot, you will then receive a confirmation email with details for your session.

You must confirm your session booking in advance of the session taking place.

Pre-booking only.

To book a session on another day in London or at our venues in Essex, Cambridge or East Herts either visit our website or contact us.

To find out more about the Lucia No 3 – Lucid Light Experience visit our website – The Lucid Light Experience
We have been providing Lucia No 3 – Lucid Light Experiences with the Lucia No3 since 2012 offering individual, couple and group sessions as well as private client sessions and at events such as Mind Body Spirit.

We also provide bespoke session creations to tailor your experience of the light – Available on request.

We look forward to you joining us!

36 St Mary at Hill

Monument, London