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3 July 2024

-  7:30 pm


By Upset The Rhythm

Upset The Rhythm presents…

Wednesday 3 July
New River Studios, 199 Eade Rd, Harringay, London, N4 1DN
7.30pm | £9 | Tickets:

KILYNN LUNSFORD had been conceiving her first solo album since she was a young teen. Growing up in Philadelphia through the MTV era of Missy Elliot, Timbaland and the Swing Mob collective, and drawn towards its “sometimes ridiculous, but overloaded” qualities, she found herself returning to that state of emerging adulthood when the moment for a solo record finally arose. ‘Custodians of Human Succession’, released on Ever Never Records, straddles unclear boundaries between electro-pop, post-punk and the avant-garde; it delves into those liminal spaces between pop culture and experimentalism, between city and country, between verse and chorus.

Written over four years, drafted during long car rides from work, hewn out first thing in the morning or last thing at night ‘Custodians’…is Lunsford’s first work since the dissolution of her former project, noise-punk outfit Taiwan Housing Project in 2021. The album itself operates like a collage, splintered and warped, each song in imprinting its own shape and colour to fashion a finished whole. Industrial-edged electro-pop a la Chris and Cosey sits shoulder to shoulder with twangling new wave rock ‘n’ roll ironies. Lunsford’s caustic lyrics embellish this further, packed as they are with a potent blood-stream of unflinching surrealism and discomfiting satire. Impacted by her experiences as Healthcare Union Organiser working through a pandemic, and as a sufferer of an autoimmune disorder with no healthcare coverage, a festering anger boils at the album’s core. Little wonder how, from all this, comes a record of commensurate disturbance, and brilliant intrigue.

THE REBEL was born Benedict Roger Wallers in 1971. Since 1989 BR Wallers has recorded & hand-distributed a bewildering array of impossibly hard-to-find home-made cassette-albums, under a variety of guises. Wallers is a charismatic lone wolf in a cowboy hat and a tie whose electrified howls are too idiosyncratic to be broken down into market-oriented terms. It is difficult to sketch a thumbnail summary of a musician who has amassed a vast and unwieldy discography under a variety of names and genres: the most widely acclaimed is probably the Country Teasers, but he also moonlights as the Company, the Male Nurse, the Beale, the Stallion, the Black Poodle and Skills on Ampex, across folk, country, garage, post-punk, no wave and electronic pop. In the main part The Rebel is centred around twisted Casio drones, clanging guitar and some defiantly deadpan vocals, all thrown in the pan and pressure-cooked in Wallers’ mind. Wallers has amassed a near-unquantifiable discography over the past 30 years, from scores of more or less “official” LPs, EPs and 7”s to seemingly endless self-released cassettes.

THE PHEROMOANS are tenants of an unruly domain. Over the last 18 years the group have evolved from garage rock primitivists to auteurs of their own curious sound; a frothy brew of loose electronics, refractory rock and humdrum musing. Their songs are mutable, capricious, unreliable narrations, often withholding as much as they reveal. Russell Walker’s understated vocal has always been the band’s unifying focus, it is wry, unsparing and wilfully honest. Walker’s lyrics are an observational tour de force, sometimes droll, yet often tipping over into unlikely pathos. With previous releases on Upset The Rhythm, Convulsive and Alter, 2024 will witness The Pheromoans return with lucky album number 13, entitled ‘Wyrd Psearch’ (out now 1st on Upset The Rhythm). With The Pheromoans there is always a familiarity at play, only broken and reassembled, like a bygone sitcom gone rogue in your memory. This contributes to the group’s peculiarly British outsider perspective, one that shouts from the sidelines, but never goes unnoticed.

New River Studios, 199 Eade Rd, Harringay, London, N4 1DN


N4 1DN