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Greaseless Spoon by Breville

17 April 2024

-  8:00 am


Greaseless Spoon by Breville

By Breville

April 2024: For those looking for a guilt-free alternative to the traditional greasy fry-up, Breville has the answer. According to research commissioned by Breville, although 57% of Brits admit to having enjoyed a fried breakfast, over a third (37%) believe it is ‘too fatty, and 34% reckon it’s ‘too much of a faff’ to prepare.

Proving that Brits are due a change in breakfast culture, Breville® is inviting Londoners to head down to their new ‘Grease-less Spoon’ café and try out their take on the English Fried Breakfast – the “Air-Fry Up” made in their new Halo Flexi Air Fryer, which promises to deliver the same great taste with less guilt and less hassle to prepare.

The small appliance brand is set to change the landscape of Air Fry cooking with their new Breville Halo Flexi Air Fryer. The Greaseless Spoon Café will be kitted out with the appliances and serving the traditional breakfast all cooked in the air fryer.

Perfect for cooking up all the elements of a traditional English breakfast, the air fryer’s XL 11L cooking compartment splits into 2 x 5.5L zones, with plenty of space and a variety of configurations for endless family meal options.

It promises all the flavour with none of the faff – as the new Air Fryer’s sync function allows you to prepare multiple foodsin two different ways in each 5.5L cooking zone and have them finish in unison, meaning every meal will be perfectly timed.

Lydia Baker, Marketing Manager at Breville said: said: “We are pioneering Air Frying technology, as our new product is the first innovative appliance of its kind, offering 12 different ways to cook! The Halo Flexi Air Fryer can churn out Full English Breakfasts with ease as there is no need to multitask with multiple pots and pans, simply pop all ingredients in the Air Fryer and watch as everything is cooked to perfection and served together.”

With customers getting the chance to taste-test this brand-new product, we are calling all foodies, sceptics, greasy spoon lovers, and everyone in between!

The free pop-up will be hosted at Bubba Oasis on Upper Street, Islington on Wednesday 17th April from 8am. The Greaseless Spoon café is free of charge to visit but spaces are limited so sign up to get your tickets early! We also offer vegetarian and vegan options, please contact organiser or email if you would like one of these meals.

57-58 Upper Street


N1 0NY