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EV Charging Infrastructure UK

15 April 2024

-  8:00 am


EV Charging Infrastructure UK

By EV Charging Infrastructure UK Exhibition and Conference

EV charging infrastructure and e-Mobility industry forecasts
Understand the economic fundamentals and key market drivers for developing EV charging infrastructure to meet the needs of the e-Mobility market.
Exploring the next generation of smart and efficient EV charge points
Look for innovations in EV charge points and make the business case for new charging stations across the network.
Latest research in V2X Technology and Ultra-Fast charging for electric vehicles
Explore new technologies in faster and more efficient charging systems to improve the overall EV charging experience and encourage end-user adoption.
Evaluating the current policies and future plans for cities and network development
Understand the decisions by policymakers and key infrastructure plans for the years ahead to incorporate into your strategic business plan.
Upcoming regulations and industry standards for developing intelligent infrastructure
Hear from key regulators and classification bodies to ensure you meet the requirements of new laws and industry standards.
New case studies from charge point developers and working with policymakers
Gain insights from leading manufacturers and build relationships across the industry to ensure successful infrastructure development.




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