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Ecosocialism 2023 Conference

2 December 2023

-  11:30 am

£Pricing Options for Tickets: Free / 5 / 10 / 20

Ecosocialism 2023 Conference

By Anti*Capitalist Resistance

Join us for a one-day ecosocialism conference in London (and streamed online), where we will be discussing how to create an ecosocialist movement that is rooted in the trade unions, the communities, our schools, colleges and universities, in social movements and our workplaces. It must tackle the big issues; socialising private wealth, housing and land, ending the market economy, dismantling imperialism, fighting for the abolition of borders, militarism and policing and for a social transformation of the economy from the ground up.

Discussing the most pressing issues of our time, Simon Pirani, author and writer for the People and Nature Blog, and trade union activist Clara Paillard will talk about the environmental degradation that capitalism causes. Whether degrowth is a necessary option for society to take will be debated by Matt Huber, author of Climate Change as Class War, and the ecological economist Elke Pirgmaier. Avenues for developing an ecosocialist strategy will be discussed by Max Ajl, author of A People’s Green New Deal, Alia Amirali from the Awami Workers Party, and the youth-led think tank Climate Vanguard, based upon their own mobilising experiences.

A tiered pricing-structure is in place for tickets, with free tickets available for those on low incomes/unwaged.

YMCA Indian Student Hostel 41 Fitzroy Square #6EY