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Angela Hewitt

14 April 2024

-  7:30 pm

£30 per adult, £15 per student

Angela Hewitt

By JW3

The much-loved Angela Hewitt, whose rise to stellar fame was founded initially on her Bach interpretations, will close our series with Bach’s miraculous Goldberg Variations.

One of the world’s leading pianists, Angela Hewitt’s performances of Bach have established her as one of the composer’s foremost interpreters. She takes centre stage in the final concert of our classical series for a performance of Bach’s wonderfully inventive Goldberg Variations. From the tender delicacy of the opening Aria to the lively and individual variations Hewitt will delve into the intricate nuances and profound emotions woven throughout this entrancing masterpiece, which will leave audiences in awe of the timeless genius of Bach and Hewitt’s consummate skill.

The Sunday Times has written: “The Canadian pianist is one of the reliably mesmerising musicians of the day. You sit entranced…. It would have been more accurate to say I was floating just below the ceiling. She seems to me the complete performer gifted with….. the ability to convey a spiritual seriousness that nonetheless does not exclude an utter charm.”

Bach’s entrancing masterwork starts with a beautiful and simple aria which then generates the most wonderful cornucopia of utterly individual variations.

J.S. Bach The Goldberg Variations BWV 988

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