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A Soul’s Journey One-Day Workshop (Includes Lunch) Sunday 30th June 2024

30 June 2024

-  10:00 am

A Soul’s Journey One-Day Workshop (Includes Lunch) Sunday 30th June 2024

By The Sylvan Healing Sanctuary

Discover Self-Healing at “A Soul’s Journey” Workshop on June 30th, 2024

London, UK – [June 6, 2024] – Sylvan Healing Sanctuary is delighted to announce “A Soul’s Journey,” a one-day workshop dedicated to exploring self-healing through sound baths, yoga movements, and energy balancing. This transformative event will be held on Sunday, June 30th, 2024, from 9:45 am to 4:00 pm BST at a beautiful venue close to Alexandra Palace (full address provided upon booking).

Event Highlights:

Welcome, and Introductory Ceremony:
Start your journey at 10:00 am with a warm welcome and an opening ceremony.

Body Awakening and Yoga: Engage in a rejuvenating yoga session at 10:30 am, designed to awaken your body and mind.

Healing Work: Participate in a series of healing activities from 12:00 pm, focusing on energy balancing and self-discovery.

Discussion on Stress: Learn about the implications of stress and techniques to manage it through breath work and mindfulness.

Sound Bath: Experience a soothing sound bath at 2:45 pm, which uses vibrational sound to promote relaxation and healing.

Community Lunch: Share a delicious, home-prepared lunch with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and support.

Craig Rebuck, a long-time healer at the Sylvan Healing Sanctuary, reflects on his journey: “I have been part of the sanctuary for thirty years, supporting people through complex and life-threatening illnesses. It has been an amazing journey, and I feel privileged to be a constant support to so many people.”

Sabine Audibert, a traditional yoga practitioner and structural osteopath, shares her experience: “Joining the healing centre felt like a continuation of my aspirations to help and support others. The acceptance and support I received during a difficult period have deepened my understanding of healing energies and spiritual knowledge.”

The workshop costs £50, with an additional subsidised home-prepared lunch available for £7.50, bringing the total to £57.50. Bursaries are available to ensure accessibility for all. Given the limited spaces, early booking is recommended. Reserve your spot at Eventbrite.

Workshop Schedule:

9:45 am – Registration
10:00 am – Welcome and Introductory Ceremony
10:30 am – Body Awakening and Yoga
11:15 am – Break
11:30 am – Feedback and Open Discussion of Intentions
12:00 pm – Healing Work
12:45 pm – Lunch
1:45 pm – Discussion on Stress and Its Implications
2:30 pm – Breath Work Preparation
2:45 pm – Sound Bath
3:30 pm – Closing Feedback and Thanks
4:00 pm – Departure
About Sylvan Healing Sanctuary:

Sylvan Healing Sanctuary is a charitable organisation based in London and offering online transformative energy healing experiences. Our mission is to make holistic wellness accessible to all through diverse and effective energy healing tools.

Contact Information:

For press inquiries, please contact:

Sylvan Healing Sanctuary
Phone: 020 8920 6554

Join us for a day of self-discovery and healing at “A Soul’s Journey” workshop. Nourish your soul and prepare for the summer with a renewed mind, body, and spirit.


For more information and to register, visit:

A beautiful venue close to Alexandra Palace (full address provided upon booking)



020 8920 6554